Ugly Little Feelings - Because falling in love isn't always beautiful

Undeniable Attraction. No Commitments.

Reiko's university life is supposed to be smooth and all planned out--graduate, enter law school, and pass the bar. Her future career is her top priority, and serious relationship is the last thing in her mind after her breakup with her longtime boyfriend.

But a blind date changes that when a younger art student, Akira, offers her an exclusive, convenient relationship.
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  • Trying Again (Tagalog) - Risa Reyes, a junior in high school, professes her feelings to Lance Rodriguez before the start of the semester break to end the consistent nagging of her friends that she is still hung up with her ex-boyfriend, Keith Garcia. Little did she know, Lance has a crush on her older sister Lisa and the only person she trusts more than anything, Stanley Ramirez, her childhood best friend, starts a serious relationship with a freshman, making her his second priority. This story is only available in Tagalog but might be available in English in the future. 

She likes pink while I like blue.
Though we shared the same stuff before we reached seven,
I sing rock while she sings pop.
But we sang the same song before we reached seven,
She likes Barbie while I like SpongeBob.
Though we used to watch both before we reached seven,
I love singing while she loves dancing.
But we both sang and dance before we reached seven,
She bakes while I eat.
Though we used to bake together before we reached seven,
I'm average while she's outstanding.
But we used to study together before we reached seven
She's soft while I'm rough.
Though we used to cuddle & play a lot before we reached seven,
We are one and 
I was never jealous of her

I was fine with the way she acted

Until we fell in love with the same guy
She's the princess and I'm the Rock Star.

The Princess and The Rock Star is a complete story though most of it is still in first draft. Re-writing it is not my first priority right now. Cup of Coffee

A series of interconnected one shot stories told by different girls. Currently, there are five stories.
  1. Haru - a freshman experiencing love for the first time.
  2. Miku - she falls in love at first sight or does she.
  3. Hana - daydreaming in class and getting caught  is the start of her secret love.
  4. Fuyumi - retweet, favorite, quote, one word. Twitter.
  5. Nagisa - she is determined to grow up fast and be independent because her father is about to remarry but a incident in the train makes her think twice.

Other One Shots

My Current WIP

  • Reset - Part 2 of Trying Again set in their college years. If only there's a button Reset, things would go back the way they were and begin everything again, clean slate as if nothing happened.
 You can click the picture or the link if you want to read it. All of my stories are available in Wattpad

I still have other stories that are in progress but currently on-hold right now. You may still check them out if you want.
  •  Oxygen -What if you were given five chances to repeat the same period of time in different perspectives?
  • Tomorrow's Chances - Sophie wakes up in her nursing uniform and finds herself staring at her sleeping face in the coffin. She struggles to find what happened and how would she ever say goodbye to her loves one when a chance is given to her. Myco is the person she chooses to help her in return for a promise to fulfill his wish.