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Shoujo Manga with Live Action Adaptation Pt. 7

61. Shitsuren Chocolatier by Mizushiro Setona
I tried watching this drama because of Matsumoto Jun because I haven't seen him act since I couldn't even remember how long. By the way, his latest drama is 99.9 Criminal Lawyer. I will watch that soon too.

Heartbroken Chocolatier was serialized first in Rinka then to Flowers. It was published in total of 9 volumes by Shogakukan. It is published in French by Kaze Manga and also in Taiwan.

The TV drama series was aired in Fuji TV in 2014 with 11 episodes starring Matsumoto Jun, Ishihara Satomi, and Mizukawa Asami.

Shitsuren Cholatier is a josei series about Koyorugi Sota who is the renowned Chocolate Prince of Japan. After he comes back from Paris, he turns their bakery shop to a chocolate shop. All of this is driven when he fell in love with a girl one year his senior, Takahashi Saeko during his high school year. Despite being the complete opposite of Saeko's type of boys, handsome, powerful, and popular, Sota confesses to her in Christmas after Saeko broke up with her boyfriend. They date and break up during Valentine's day with Saeko, refusing Sota's homemade chocolate. The two meet again, and Saeko is still the same as ever, still crazy for chocolates but already married.

I haven't read the manga, and I have only watched couple of episodes of the drama, but Matsumoto Jun in chef's uniform was something else. I'm still not sure as to where the plot is headed as Sota is still madly obsessed with Saeko, tempting her with his chocolates even though she's married. That girl is so lucky. I can't believe it. I'm curious as to how it ends, so I'll give it a try again someday. But if you've already seen it, what do you think? Is it good?

62. Good Morning Call by Takasuka Yue
I remember reading this series before and I go all smile. It has a sequel Good Morning Kiss. It's still not finished though. Shueisha has released 8 volumes up to now since 2007. Part of Good Morning Call has also been adapted into OVA. The series was serialized in Ribon from 1997 to 2002. It has 11 volumes in total.

The TV drama series is also available in Netflix. The drama series ran up to 17 episodes in Fuji TV from February 2016 to June 2016 starring Shiraishi Shunya and Fukuhara Haruka.

Yoshikawa Nao is on her last year of middle school, so she decides to live on her own when her parents leave to inherit her grandfather's farm. What could possibly go wrong, right? Well, she finds out on the day of her move to the apartment that it is also rented to Uehara Hisashi, a popular guy from her school. Situations end up for them living together.

Writing about it makes me want to read it again. It's quite an old series, but I terribly enjoyed this one even though, you know, it's a typical shoujo setup. But I really like this series more than I would ever like LDK. I haven't reread it, but I think my opinion won't change. I like slow romances. I don't know about the drama but the poster looks good. It has that sense of Itazura na Kiss, and I enjoyed that drama, so maybe it's worth a try. I'll update this if I ever watched it.

63. Himitsu no Akko-chan by Akatsuka Fujio
This is much an older series and one of the pioneer magical girl manga. It has 94 episodes of anime that was aired in TV Asashi in 1969. It was remade in 1988 and was broadcasted by Fuji TV with 61 episodes. Another remake was also aired in 1988 with 41 episodes. The 3 volumes manga was published by Shueisha. It was serialized in Ribon and had been translated into different languages around the globe.

I didn't know it was so popular that it also has two anime movie. The live action adaptation was released in 2012 starring Ayase Haruka as Akko-chan. 

Akko-chan is a nickname for Atsuko, an elementary school girl  who likes mirror. One day, her favorite mirror, which was given by her mother, broke and instead of throwing it in the trashcan, she buries it. The queen of mirrors appears in her dreams that night, touched with her actions and gave her a magical mirror, which would allow her to transform into anything. 

I have never encountered this series before I made this list, but Okada Masaki is in it. I would have watched it if I were given a chance. In the movie, Akko transforms into a woman to save a company, and Masaki is her love interest. Wouldn't their relationship be illegal because Masaki is a 22 year old guy in the movie? 

The plot is intriguing. I want to know what happens in the end. Have you seen it?

64. Shigeshoshi by Mihara Mitsukazu
The Embalmer was serialized in Feel Young from 2002 to 2013. It was compiled into a total of 7 volumes, published by Shodensha. This josei series has been licensed by TokyoPop but only 4 volumes were released. 

A 12 episodes TV drama was broadcasted on Tokyo TV in 2007 with Wada Masato as the main lead. A 6 episodes web series was also released as a spinoff about the nurses in the drama series.

Shinjyurou is a licensed embalmer who graduated in the US, following his father's footsteps who was also an embalmer. His father worked in the US Military as the embalmer when he was a kid. Shinjyurou returns to Japan eventually and meets a priest. The priest allows him to practice his profession in the church. There he meets the priest's granddaughter, Azuki. The Embalmer is a series about Shinjyurou's work where he helps others, mostly the family left by the deceased. 

Based from the drama summary, I think the adaptation is quite different. In the drama, Shinjyurou works as a janitor in the hospital, and that's were he would meet Azuki as one of the nurses.

I don't know what made me read this series, but I didn't regret it. It's a little different from the usual but don't fear. It's nothing gore or horror. The embalming cases, the flashbacks, and the progress of Shinjyurou and Azuki's relationship hooked me. My favorite case is the ballerina. She was beautiful, though I doubt it is possible in real life.
65. P to JK by Miyoshi Maki
Kamenashi Kazuya is starring in this film in 2017 with Tsuchiya Tao (I like her too).

P and JK is serialized in Bessatsu Friend and is currently on-going. As of July 2016, it has been compiled into 7 volumes published by Kodansha. 

Policeman and High school girl (the translation of JK) is a love story between the two who meets in a goukon (blind group date/mixer). Kouta, the policeman, doesn't realize that Kako is just a high school girl. He eventually founds out about it and tries to avoid and treat Kako indifferently. But love surpasses age gap. 

I remember reading this before, being quite surprised when I got to the part where Kouta asks Kako to marry him. They can't date, but they'll get married at 16. That's shoujo manga for you. The series hasn't been licensed and the scanlation/translation is a bit slow. I'll read it again when there's a lot more chapters. I'll be posting the movie poster when it comes out. The movie would premiere on Spring next year.

66. Clover by Chiya Toriko
This josei series began serialization in 1997 up to 2010 and had been transferred into three different magazines of Shuiesha throughout. The 91 chapters is compiled into 24 volumes and had been republished into a larger size of books with 13 volumes.

The live action film starring Okura Tadayoshi and Takei Emi was released in 2014.

Clover (Kuroba) is a story about an office worker who fell in love with her superior.

This series had not been under my radar until I saw the movie in ScreenRed. I like Takei Emi, and I try to catch her drama, Age Harassment in ScreenRed too. Clover has not been licensed in English, but it has been distributed in South Korea and Italy. Seeing as the manga has 91 chapters, I doubt the movie adaptation covered it all. Also, I don't think the translation groups are going to ever pick it up again despite it's sequel on-going series.
67. Cheese in the Trap by Soon Ki
I was disappointed with this drama despite it's high ratings, and I like TvN shows. So if you really like the webtoon because I do (it was my favorite), I don't recommend this drama. But if you like Haejin or Kangjoon, knock yourself out.

Cheese in the Trap is about Seol who returns to college after a break  and her changing relationship with Jung and the people around her who is somehow related to Jung.

The webtoon is free on LINE and is updated every Sunday. The series has been completed this year (2016). The drama starring Park Haejin as Jung, Kim Goeun as Seol, and Seo Kangjoon as Inho is a 16-one hour-episodes. There's also a movie version to be released in 2017 starring Haejin again.

I only watched the drama because my sister and mom were watching it. Seol was irritating in the drama, and Jung also seemed different, plus there's a whole lot more of Inho. If only I could unsee it, because it made me hate the webtoon a little. So wait until you've read the entire webtoon before you watch it. But that's just me. You might enjoy it like my mom and sister. They never saw the webtoon.

68. Orange Marmalade by Seok Woo
This is the first webtoon I've read, and it was weirdly sweet and docile for a vampire themed story. Unlike Cheese in the Trap, I didn't make the same mistake of watching the drama. 

The webtoon was serialized in Naver from 2011 to 2013. The complete series is available on LINE for free. Yeo Jingoo and Kim Seoulhyun starred in the 12 episodes drama broadcasted on KBS2 in 2015.

Baek Mari is a modern vampire living with humans. Being a vampire made her withdrawn from other people even though she and her family hasn't even tasted human blood ever. But everything changes when she sits beside Jung Jaemin, a boy from school, in the subway. His blood entrances her and before she knew it, she is leaning in and almost nibbling his neck.

69. Hapi Mari by Enjouji Maki
 Happy Marriage, a josei manga, was serialized in Petit Comic from 2009 to 2012. It is compiled into 13 volumes by Shogakukan. It has been licensed in French, Germany, and in English (Viz Media). 

The live action drama adaption began airing last June 2016 on Amazon Prime. Fujioka Dean and Seino Nana are the main leads.

Hapi Mari is the whole contract/arranged marriage sort of thing package. Chiwa is an ordinary office lady, and she doesn't even know that the man she lashed out in the bar she works for to pay her father's debt is the president of the company, her workplace. Circumstances, fate, happening in the past bring them together into marriage.
I don't know about the drama, but the manga is definitely worth reading especially if you're a manga fan.

70. He Was Cool by Gui Yeoni (Artist: Kim Jae Eun)
The series is originally an internet novel written by GuiYeoni in 2001. It has 3 volumes, and it hasn't been licensed in English. I like GuiYeoni's Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do more (There's also a movie adaptation. It would included in the next part).

The movie starring Jung Da Bin and Song Sung Heon was released in Korean Cinemas in 2004.

He Was Cool is a typical type of manhwa especially if you have seen this kinds. It also starts with a chat. Ye Won picks a fight with a Ji Eun Sung without realizing who he was. Ji Eun Sung retaliates by harassing her with phone calls and finds her school. They also accidentally meets in a salon and Ye Won escapes, realizing that Ji Eun Sung is one of the leaders in a vocational school in the area. But their meeting doesn't end there just yet. On her way to skip classes, Ye Won tries to escape school through climbing the wall. On the other side, Ji Eun Sung is there, and they share a kiss with Ye Won crashing into him.

There's still a part 8 to this. If you have time and want to read some romance in Tokyo, check out my story, Ugly Little Feelings. It is available for free in Swoon Reads. You just need to register and make an account if you don't already have one. Swoon Reads has tons of YA and NA stories. Leave a comment, rate it or share it with others. I would greatly appreciate it.

You can read an excerpt of it in Wattpad. Two chapters are available there. A little warning though, it has a little smut and mild bondage play. But you can always skip that part. It is around chapter 10. There's also a glossary at the end if you're not familiar with the Japanese terms, but I seriously doubt it if you're here, reading this post. ;) 

Oh and by the way, in case you missed it or you're interested, they announced the premiere of Yuri on Ice!!! (Figure Skating anime) It's on October.

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