Thursday, June 2, 2016

Happy June First

Even though it's already June 2 here. I know I should be writing or sleeping instead, but I wanted to write this post before the excitement sizzles.

What am I excited about? You might have already read this in wattpad though.

First, new D. Gray Man anime: D. Gray Man HALLOW. It will be aired on NTV starting July 4th. Can you hear me screaming? The manga also came back this year. How long has it been? 8 years? That's a lot of time. But I'm really excited for Allen, the anime, the merch. The drawings look awesome. Maybe I should my name back to Lenalee Walker in Twitter in July.

Check out the PV:

Second, there's a new anime that I'm really excited about. (The last anime I've been this excited was Gintama 2015. Sadly, it is over, and they didn't animate other sorta filler stories. Just all the serious ones.) Yuri!!! on Ice. I know with the recent increase (because figure skating is already popular in Japan) popularity of figure skating, there is bound to be a new fs anime. My first fs anime is Ginban Kaleidoscope. But YOI is a male figure skating anime. I wanted to elaborate more, but I've already written a comprehensive, slightly rant about it in Tumblr. 

The PV looks rad and promising.

Third, I finished revising Ugly Little Feelings, and I submitted it to Swoon Reads. (I'm more worried about this than excited.) You can it read for free (click the picture for the link). I'd love some feedback. <3

Because falling in love isn't always beautiful. A love story in Tokyo.

Reiko's university life is supposed to be smooth and all planned out--graduate, enter law school, and pass the bar. Her future career is her top priority, and serious relationship is the last thing in her mind after her breakup with her longtime boyfriend.

But a blind date changes that when a younger art student, Akira, offers her an exclusive, convenient relationship.

Lastly, I'm finally back on my other WIP about Sena which I had been thinking about since 2012. I contemplated whether to go back and start rewriting Did You Just Melt My Heart, but that story needs a lot of more planning. And I'm half way done with my first draft for Sena. Then I'll be plotting the Nessy Series. 
I've also been thinking whether I should watch Daiya no Ace since it's also a baseball anime, but I get my daily dose of baseball already with NPB. I also want to try watching some MLB, but I don't know where to start and time difference plus we have no TV channel that airs the game. I wouldn't get into NPB if I hadn't accidentally seen a live game between Tohoku Rakuten and Nippon Ham Fighters in NHK. I only knew Tohoku Rakuten and Carps from Yuzuru and Hanshin-Kyojin from Lovely Complex. I just wanted to do some research, but it's baseball. There's a game everyday except Monday. Now, I'm rooting for Giants just like Reiko in Ugly Little Feelings. I would have chosen Carps too because of Yuzu, but the second game I saw was Tigers vs. Giants, and Sugano was the pitcher. They had me at Sugano and Kobayashi. Then Sakamoto.

Anyway, have a productive and lovely June. <3

By the way, I'm still looking for beta readers or critique partner. Hit me up if you're interested, so we could swap first chapters and talk a bit.

Wait. Cardcaptor Sakura has a sequel anime!!

Wait. Wait. There's a third book of To All The Boys I've Loved Before!!!

These news were a little outdated, but I haven't post about it so... I'm sure you can feel my excitement.

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