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Shoujo Manga with Live Action Adaptation Pt. 5

41. Oboreru Knife by Asakura George
It is a 17 volumes series that was serialized in Bessatsu Friend of Kodansha. 

The poster looks so good. If only I could watch it in cinemas too. I would probably watch the live action first before I try reading the manga.

Komatsu Nana is Mochizuki Natsume and Suda Masaki is Hasegawa Kouichirou. The film is set to hit the cinemas this November.

Oboreru Knife or Drowning Knife is a story about a 6th grade girl who moved from Tokyo to the country side. There she meets a boy named Kouichirou, the son of a Shinto priest, which stirs something inside of her.

I haven't read the manga but the cover kind of reminds me of a manhwa entitled Love at First Sight. 

42. Peach Girl by Ueda Miwa

It was serialized in Bessatsu Friend from 1998 to 2003. The 18 volumes was published by Kodansha and the English two parts release was published by Tokyopop. Peach Girl also has been adapted to a TV anime series.

The 13 episodes Taiwanese drama was aired in 2002. Annie Wu, Vanness Wu, and Kenji Wu starred in this TV series which was broadcasted in CTS. Like Mars, the setting was changed from high school to college.

Peach Girl is the story about Adachi Momo (that means peach) who is a former member of swim team which explains her tan. There are two guys in her life, Toji, her crush and Sae's, her only friend, target and Kairi, a playboy, whom she meets later on. It's all very complicated with her friend's betrayal, rumors and love.

I have watched the English dubbed anime but I haven't seen the drama or read the manga. If you like complicated love relationships or love square, this series is for you.

43. Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai by Makino
The series began its serialization in 2014 on Bessatsu Friend. The 5 volumes was published by Kodansha. 

The mini 2 episodes TV drama was aired in 2015 on Nippon TV and the live action film was to be released in Japan theaters on February 27, 2016. Nakajima Kento, Komatsu Nana and Chiba Yudai starred in both of the mini drama and movie.

The White Prince or Black Prince, who is your pick? AkabaneYuu moves into a dormitory after his father was transferred because of his work and her mother accompanied him. The popular white prince and black prince also lives in the same dorm. She is interested in the white prince but she can't take her eyes of Kurosaki, the black prince.

If you like LDK or Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, you might also like this one but if I were to rank the three, I'd pick Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji. If you also like bishies, this is your pick too. It may be cliche but it can still make ahh and anticipate what's going to happen next.

44. Cat Street by Kamio Yoko
This series was serialized in Bessatsu Margaret of Shueisha. It has 8 volumes.

The 6 episodes TV drama series was aired in 2008 on NHK. Tanimura Mitsuki and Namase Katsuhisa starred in the live action adaptation.

Cat Street is about a child actress who had a traumatic acting incident and shuts off herself from society. Aoyama Keito who is now 17 enrolled in a free school for dropouts. She begins making friends in there as she slowly wins back her dream of acting.

Even though I can't remember much of the whole plot, I recalled enjoying this series very much. I haven't seen the drama but I definitely recommend the manga.The romance is slow but it was worth it.

45. Otomen by Kanno Aya
It was serialized in Bessatsu Hana to Yume. The 18 volumes was published by Hakusensha and by Viz Media in English.

The live action TV drama series starring Okada Masaki and Kaho was aired in 2009. The 12 episodes was broadcasted on Fuji TV.

Masamune Asuka is the inspiration of most guys because he is the national champion of Kendo. They see him as the manliest among men but in truth, he likes cooking, shoujo manga, sweets and is also good at sewing. He finds himself falling in love with the transfer student, Ryo who is quite his opposite.

The story is a bit comical and the drama is slow but nonetheless, enjoyable. I haven't seen the drama but I hope they portrayed Ryo as strong as in the manga. Seeing Asuka blush would be good too. I quite like Okada Masaki so I have expectations in this series.

46. Mary Stayed Out All Night by Won Soo Yeon
Maerineun Uibakjoong is a webtoon with 12 volumes. It was originally available in Daum in digital only but it was printed by Anibooks.

The Korean drama adaptation in 2010 was starred by Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young. The 16 episodes was aired on KBS2.

Mary meets the vocalist of a death metal band and falls in love with him but despite his good looking appearance, his personality isn't quite likable.

I haven't seen both the manhwa and the drama series but the TV drama was quite popular in streaming sites and was a hit in Japan.

47. Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru by Aoki Kotomi
The Liar and His Lover  is serialized in Cheese beginning 2009. The current 16 volumes are published by Shogakukan. It isn't licensed in English yet.

The live action film starring Sato Takeru and Ohara Sakurako was released in 2013. 

The Liar and His Lover is about a genius song writer for Crude Play, Aki, who meets a girl accidentally while he plays with his remote controlled helicopter as he hums a tune. Riko, Mush because of her hair, asks out Aki on their first meeting thus starts the lies of Aki but he doesn't realize at first that Riko has a good hearing and strong voice. It is a story about music industry, friendship and love.

I was probably being bias because of Takeru but I think the movie was quite good. Ohara Sakurako was a goood Mush. The hairstyle suits her. Of course, the latter part of the movie isn't quite good but the beginning until Riko gets recruited was better. I'm glad they included the elevator part. It's one of my favorite scenes in the movie. It was also nice to hear Crude Play's song and Mush & Co., too.

48. Dame ni Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai by Nakahara Aya

It is a josei manga serialized in You magazine. The current 6 volumes is published by Shueisha. It has been licensed in French but there is no news yet regarding English license.

The TV drama series starring Fukada Kyoko and Fujioka Dean began airing on TBS in January 12, 2016. It is broadcasted in Japan every Tuesdays at 22:00 JST.

Please Love Me is about a 30 year old office woman whose company went bankrupt but because of her age, she is unable to find a new job. Her savings is almost running out and she still needs to support her younger boyfriend. Then Shibata Michio meets her ex-boss, Ayumu who is running a cafe (tea room in the drama). She used to be afraid of her boss but he begins helping her and she eventually begins working part-time at the cafe (tea room).

Nakahara Aya is the mangaka of Lovely Complex. The plot was funny too but I've only read the beginning so I couldn't really tell yet but her drawings really improved. The drama shows promise from what I've read so if you've already seen parts of it, what do you think?

49. Taiyou no Uta by Minatsuki Tsunami (Bandou Kenji)
Midnight Sun or Song of the Sun is 1 volume serialized in Silky and published by Hakusensha. The manga was based on the movie that was released in the same year, 2006.

The movie starring YUI and Tsukamoto Takahashi has also been adapted into a Japanese TV drama starring Sawajiri Erika and Yamada Takayuki in 2006. There is also a news of it being adapted into American film which will be released in August 2016.

Taiyou no Uta is about a singer and guitarist 16 year old girl who sleeps during the day and wakes up after dark because of her disease. One time, Kaoru spots a boy carrying a surfing board by her window. She becomes interested on him and they eventually meet.

This is the movie that made me a fan of YUI. I miss listening to It's Happy Line, Goodbye Days and Skyline.

50. Sprout by Nanba Atsuko
This 7 volumes manga was published by Kodansha and was serialized in Bessastsu Friend.

The TV drama series was starred by Chinen Yuri of Hey! Say! JUMP and Morikawa Aoi. The 30 minutes, 12 episodes series was broadcasted on NTV in 2012.

Sprout is a story of unrequited love. Miku's peaceful life turns upside down when her father quits his job and turns their home as boarding house. What's more surprising is that one of the boarder is a popular guy from her school. 

Chinen grew up well. I'm a fan of Hey Say 7 even before it turned to Hey Say Jump but college happened and I'm not updated with them anymore. I've read the manga a few years back but I can vaguely recall the ending. Many found it unsatisfying but it is quite realistic. The poster of the drama looks good so I might give it try someday.

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