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Shoujo Manga with Live Action Adaptation Pt. 6

51. Heroine Shikkaku by Kouda Momoko

It began its serialization in Bessatsu Margaret in 2010. The compilation of the series into 9 volumes was published by Shueisha.

The live action film starring Yamazaki Kento, Kiritani Mirei and Sakaguchi Kentarou premiered on September 19, 2015.

No Longer Heroine is a story about a high school who believes that she is the main character (heroine) of the story but when her first love and also childhood friend, Rita, gets a out of the stereotype girlfriend, Hatori realizes that she's just a side character.

I tried reading this series twice but I could never get past the part where everything turned messy. The series started good and no, I'm not sick of love triangles or square, but I guess I couldn't like Rita that much for me to continue the rest of the series. I may pick it up again if the movie will be good. Don't let my comment stop you from checking out the series. You may like it because I really enjoyed the first parts.
52. 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made by Aihara Miki

The josei series was serialized in Cheese! and published by Shogakukan. It isn't licensed in English as of today.

The 11 episodes TV drama series starring Yamashita Tomohisa and Ishihara Satomi was aired on Fuji TV in 2015.

From Five to Nine is a story about an English teacher in cram school and a Japanese monk who meet in an arranged marriage meeting. If you think monk means shaved head, think twice. I guess you must have seen the poster or Yamapi's face. Despite Takane's good looks, Sakuraba Junko doesn't want to be a temple wife. But Takane isn't ready to let her go just yet. He enrolls in her school and they become student and teacher.

You must have read Hot Gimmick, one of the artist's famous works. I also have read that. It took me tries but when I got pass the almost rape scene, it has been smooth and I like the slow romance. Her works is not everybody's tea of cup but when you're an avid reader of shoujo or josei, you know you at least have to try her works. This drama has also been my first drama of Yamapi after for so long. The TV series has no smut compared to the manga and it was rather comical. My sister enjoyed watching it.

53. Bara no Tame ni by Yoshimura Akemi
I guess this josei series is one of the classics. It was serialized in Petit Comic from 1992 to 1998. The 16 volumes were published by Shogakukan.

The Taiwanese drama entitled The Rose starring Ella Chen, Joe Cheng, Jerry Huang, Joelle Yu and Cecillia Yip was aired in 2003 and had 21episodes in total.

For the Roses' Sake is a story of an ugly girl named Makurano Yuri whose grandmother died and she finds out that her mother is a famous actress. Her life is about to change and her family just gets bigger. She has new two brothers and a sister.

I haven't seen the drama nor read the manga but I have seen good reviews about this series when I tried to find out whether it was good or not. There's a hint of possible of incest but most of the time (I'm not sure, really), it's actually false. If you're a fan of Ella Chen, why not, right?

54. Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru by Aoki Kotomi
I'm in love with my sister was serialized in Shoujo Comic. The 10 volumes were published by Shogakukan. There's also a one episode OVA based on the manga. This is the series where Takumi and Mayu from BokuKimi first appeared.

The live action film starring Matsumoto Jun and Eikura Nana was released on January 20, 2007.

BokuImo is a story about fraternal twins, Yori and Iku, who despite being siblings fall for each other.

The title and the one liner summary might have turned you away from this series. After all, it's connoting incest. I have read another series about twins, Flowers of Evil, a manhwa and it's one of my favorite series. I have also read Flowers in the Attic and the rest of the Dollanganger Series and it's a dark story, indeed. That's why I'm not sure why I didn't get to finish BokuImo back then. I'm not sure whether it's the incest or the smut or I was just young. I also didn't watch the movie even if it was Matsumoto Jun. I might finish it someday but I already researched the ending. There is one thing that I found out. Highlight the next one if you want to know. The other two stories I mentioned are true incest while BokuImo is not.

55. Usagi Drop by Unita Yumi
Bunny Drop was serialized in the magazine Feel Young. Shodensha published it into 9 volumes. Yen Press licensed the series in English. This series has also been adapted into 11 episodes anime.

The live action film starring Matsuyama Keinichi and Ashida Mana as Rin premiered on August 20, 2011.

Daikichi is a 30 year old single salary man whose grandfather died. He attends his grandfather funeral and finds a 6 year old girl who is suspected as a illegitimate daughter of his grandfather. In the midst of arguments between his relatives, he volunteers to take the girl with him and care for her. Usagi Drop is a story of single parent, friendship and family.

I saw the movie in Screen Red before I got interested in the manga series. It made me write a slightly long review about it. I think I said enough about it there. Do I recommend it or not? Sure. The movie is quite good. The movie is only one part of the entire story of the series. It didn't show the high school Rin.
For the manga, it depends. If you enjoyed the film, why not try the manga too? You may or may not like how things flow through. One thing is I'll always be on Kouki's side.

56. Marmalade Boy by Yoshizumi Wataru
It was serialized in Ribon from 1992 to 1995. The 8 volumes were published by Shueisha. The English volumes were printed by Tokyopop but it is now out of print because of the renewal of the license issues. It has also been adapted into 76 episodes anime. It has a sequel, Marmalade Boy Little but Yuu and Miki aren't the main characters.

The Taiwanese live action TV drama series starring Ken Zhu and Stella ran for 30 episodes in 2002.

What would you do when your parents suddenly announced that they would be divorcing? But wait, that's not all. They're also swapping partners with another couple the met in Hawaii. Wait. It's not over. They also have a son your age.It happened on Miki. 

I wish I had seen the anime when I was younger. I also hadn't seen the Taiwanese drama but I had read the manga. I also liked Yoshizumi Wataru's other work Cappucino, Random Walk and many others. The art style may not suit your taste so why don't you try the TV drama?

57. Parfait Tic! by Nanaji Nagamu
It was serialized in Margaret. The 22 volumes manga was published by Shodensha. 

The Taiwanese drama based on the manga was entitled Love Buffet. Reen Yu, Aaron Yan, and Calvin Chen starred in it. The 13 episodes TV drama series was aired on FTV in 2010 to 2011.

Parfait Tic! is love triangle mess. Fuuko or Fuu-chan goes through a complicated relationship between the two Shinpo cousins, Daiya and Ichi, who move next door.

I haven't seen the drama series. I also haven't seen the ending of the manga but I'm planning on it. I want to know who Fuu-chan ends up with. To be honest, I can't pick between Daiya and Ichi. Please don't spoil me if you've already seen it. 

If you don't want a love triangle cliches and mess, this series is not for you.

58. Otoko no Isshou by Nishi Keiko
This josei series was serialized in the magazine, Flowers. The 4 volumes were published by Shogakukan.

The live action film starring Toyokawa Etsushi and Eikura Nana was released on February 14, 2015.

Her Granddaughter is a story about a working woman, Tsugumi, whose grandmother died. She decides to live in her grandmother's house that she likes spending time. She finds a strange middle aged man, Jun, and finds out that he is a former student of her grandmother and he possesses a key from her grandmother. Tsugumi and Jun begins living together.

I haven't seen the movie nor read the manga so I'm not sure if my summary is completely accurate or whether there would be a romantic encounter between Tsugumi and Jun but it is certainly intriguing, right? I mean I'm also a sucker for oji-san love. I hope it'll be screened in Red some day.


59. Suppli by Okazaki Mari
Another josei series serialized in Feel Young. Shodensha published the 7 volumes and Tokyopop released it in English with 5 volumes.

The 11 episodes TV drama series starring Kamenashi Kazuya and Itou Misaki was broadcasted in 2006 in Fuji TV.

Suppli is about a 27 year old career who is having a hard time juggling her time between work and her boyfriend. When her boyfriend finally breaks up with her, she is forced to revamp her social life. Thus the office romance begins between her and two guys, a 19 year old part-timer and a mature guy.

I can't believe I didn't watch this before when Kame starred in it. I also haven't read the manga but I like Okazaki Mari's work, And (&).

60. Ai Ore! by Shinjo Mayu
Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero was serialized in Shoujo Comic. The first 3 volumes of the series was published by Shogakukan. Its sequel or continuation, Ai Ore! Daishinkou no Hime to Joshikou no Ouji, was serialized in Monthly Asuka. The 5 volumes were published by Kadokawa Shoten. Both series were licensed in English by Viz Media.

The live action film starring Karam of Kpop band, Boss (DGNA) and Oto Ino premiered in 2012.

Ai Ore! is a story about Mizuki, a girl, who is treated as the campus prince in an all girls high school and Akira, a guy, who is treated as the campus princess in his all boys high school. Their paths cross when Akira joins the all female band where Mizuki is the lead guitarist.

This series has caught my attention many times but I never got to read it. I also read that it is adapted from the artist other work Kaikan Phrase. I liked that series despite the hate in the internet. I don't really understand why do people read if they don't like the style of the drawing.

Well, beauty is subjective. Most people judge the series by the drawing or cover (I don't hate good looking characters or drawings or art style. I also adore them. Who wouldn't swoon to Mabuchi Kou or Tanaka Ren?) but for me, manga or books aren't just about the drawing or cover. It's the story. One great example are Basara and 7 Seeds. I admit the art style isn't quite cup of my tea but it's one of my favorite series. I also think that KareKano has the most beautiful drawing (the serious parts of course).

It was completely off topic but I have 3 to 5 more series in this list of live action based on shoujo manga or josei manga.

You know I had to redo this post twice because I accidentally deleted the first one when I was finished with it. I was so frustrated that I almost drop this list for some other day. Nevertheless, did you find what you're looking for. Check out my stories or the current month's picks in the home page.

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