Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shoujo Manga with Live Action Adaptation Pt. 6

51. Heroine Shikkaku by Kouda Momoko

It began its serialization in Bessatsu Margaret in 2010. The compilation of the series into 9 volumes was published by Shueisha.

The live action film starring Yamazaki Kento, Kiritani Mirei and Sakaguchi Kentarou premiered on September 19, 2015.

No Longer Heroine is a story about a high school who believes that she is the main character (heroine) of the story but when her first love and also childhood friend, Rita, gets a out of the stereotype girlfriend, Hatori realizes that she's just a side character.

I tried reading this series twice but I could never get past the part where everything turned messy. The series started good and no, I'm not sick of love triangles or square, but I guess I couldn't like Rita that much for me to continue the rest of the series. I may pick it up again if the movie will be good. Don't let my comment stop you from checking out the series. You may like it because I really enjoyed the first parts.
52. 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made by Aihara Miki

Monday, March 7, 2016

Shoujo Manga with Live Action Adaptation Pt. 5

41. Oboreru Knife by Asakura George
It is a 17 volumes series that was serialized in Bessatsu Friend of Kodansha. 

The poster looks so good. If only I could watch it in cinemas too. I would probably watch the live action first before I try reading the manga.

Komatsu Nana is Mochizuki Natsume and Suda Masaki is Hasegawa Kouichirou. The film is set to hit the cinemas this November.

Oboreru Knife or Drowning Knife is a story about a 6th grade girl who moved from Tokyo to the country side. There she meets a boy named Kouichirou, the son of a Shinto priest, which stirs something inside of her.

I haven't read the manga but the cover kind of reminds me of a manhwa entitled Love at First Sight. 

42. Peach Girl by Ueda Miwa