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Shoujo Manga with Live-Action Adaptation Pt. 2

This the part two (11-20) of the Shoujo/Josei Manga with Live Action Adaptation (Film or TV drama series). Don't forget to leave a comment and remember to buy official DVDs. 

11. Kima wa Pet by Ogawa Yayoi
Also known as Tramps Like Us or You're my Pet. It was serialized in Kodansha and published in English by Tokyopop with 14 volumes.

I have never read the manga but I've seen the television drama series aired in TBS in 2003 starring Matsumoto Jun from Arashi and Koyoku. The series has 10 episodes. There's also a Korean movie starring in Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Seuk in 2011. Even though I was a fan Jang Geun Seuk before, I haven't seen the movie yet. Any idea if it is any good?

This series is under Josei and a story about a career woman who just had been dumped by her cheating boyfriend and found a runaway guy in a box outside her house which she later on takes as a pet and named Momo.

12. Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori

To be honest with you, this drama didn't sound appealing for a long time fan of the manga and anime series because it may not live up to expectation when it was announced but I may as well give it a try when I have time.

The TV drama series aired in TBS in 2011 starring Yamamoto Yuusuke and Kawaguchi Haruna. A live action film was also released in the following year starring the same casts for the finale. There was also a spin-off web drama series with 4 episodes running 5 minutes each with the same cast.

The manga was serialized in Hakusensha's LaLa and published in English by Viz Media with 18 volumes.

13. Goong (Princess Hours) by Park So Hee
The series has been published in English by Yen Press. This manhwa has 27 volumes.

Korean adapted series has a reputation of not following the original manhwa or webtoon and it is true though the drama still included the good scenes from the manhwa. The two have a different ending but the same open ended style. Many would have preferred the drama ending but the manhwa isn't so bad.

The drama was aired in MBC in 2011 with 24 episodes starring Yoon Eun Hye, Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Jeong Hoon and Song Ji Hyeo. This used to be my number one Korean Drama but it has been dethroned recently and at the moment by Reply 1988 but this will remain as one of my all time favorite because I like re-watching this series.

14. Akuma de Sourou (Devil Beside You) by Takanashi Mitsuba
Also known as The Devil Does Exist. The 11 volumes series was published by Shueisha and CMX Manga in English. It was serialized in Bessatsu Margaret.

It was adapted into 20 episodes Taiwanese television drama aired in CTV in 2005. It was starred by Mike He, Rainie Yang and Kingone Wang. I remembered watching this in the local TV but it was so long time ago that I couldn't remember. 

The manga has a good ending. It took time before I finally managed to finish the series but it left a touching scene at the wedding and the latter part. 

The story is about the badass male lead, Takeru the satan himself, who is a year younger than our female lead, Kayano. Her love letter for someone else got into the hands of Takeru who is also the only son of the principal, her mother's boyfriend and Kayano's future stepfather.

15. Switch Girl by Aida Natsumi

This 25 volumes manga was serialized in Margaret by Shueisha. This series is about a girl named Nika who was stylish in school but switches it off when she's home and returns to a dork. This secret of hers gets found out by the good looking transfer student, Arata. 

I haven't finish the manga and I also haven't seen the TV drama series but this series is pretty funny. The live action TV drama was aired in Fuji TV in 2011 starring Nishiuchi Mariya and Kiriyama Renn. The series ran for eight episodes and the season two was broadcasted in 2012 with the same number of episodes.

I've read good reviews for this TV drama series so if you've seen it, don't hesitate to leave a comment. Is it good as they say? Shall I watch it too? 

16. Ao Haru Ride by Sakisaka Io
You must have known about this series. It has been popular series last year when it ended. It has also an anime. Maybe that's why it's been so popular. I like Strobe Edge more but I've followed this series ever since. 

It was serialized in Bessatsu Margaret of Shueisha. Despite the literal translation Blue Spring Ride, it was shown in the movie and in the series that it meant as Youth Ride or something along those line. The 11 volumes series was translated in different languages but there are no official translation to English yet. It also has a Drama CD.

The live action film was released in 2014 starring Honda Tsubasa and Higashide Masahiro. Just like any other series with adaptation, the movie had its good and bad part. It even made to the part of the manga where to they went to Nagasaki for a school trip. 

17. Mei-chan no Shitsuji by Miyagi Riko

Mei-chan's Butler was serialized in Shueisha's Margaret. The 20 volumes series is published in Chinese by Tong Li Publishing. 

I haven't read the manga or watched the TV drama series. Its live action adaptation was broadcasted in Fuji TV in 2009. The 10 episodes drama was starred by Mizushima Hiro, Eikura Nana and Sato Takeru.

According to my sister, it was pretty good. The story revolves around a girl named Mei who found herself as a heiress after her parents died. She was forced to transfer in St. Lucia's Academy where students have their own butler. 

So who are (were) you rooting for? The childhood friend or the butler?

18. Fujoshi Kanojo by Shinba Rize
My Girlfriend is a Geek is a light novel released in two volumes by Petanbu and published by Enterbrain. Both the manga adaptation and the light novel was released by Yen Press in English. The manga series has 5 volumes.

The live action film was released in 2009 starring Daito Shunsuke and Matsumoto Wakana. I saw this film accidentally in Red and thought it was quite funny. The movie had more profound ending than the manga. 

In case you're wondering what is a fujoshi (as if you don't know what it is like the main lead who said okay without knowing that the girl he likes is a...) hardcore fan of BL (Boy's Love) and yaoi. I remembered a scene where Mutou, the male lead, was asked by by his girlfriend to write a BL story and his friend Koji read it. Oh, the embarrassment! But I don't know if Koji was just trying to be polite and ignoring it to save Mutou's face said that he thinks Mutou described the sunset elaborately.

It's a light story and the movie was enjoyable too.

19. Paradise Kiss by Yazawa Ai
It was serialized in a fashion magazine Zipper. Shodensha published in Tankobon with 5 volumes. Vertical Inc., published it English. The series also has an anime which I saw in Animax back then in English dubbed.

I have never read the manga but the anime closely followed the manga unlike the live action adaptation. I love her works especially Nana. Paradise Kiss is about a girl named Yukari (Caroline) who was scouted by Arashi and Isabella to be their model. She ended up meeting four including George fashion students in college. ParaKiss is the brand of the clothes and accessories they made. If you love dresses and blue roses, you'll definitely like this one.

The movie was released in 2011 starring Mukai Osamu and Kitagawa Keiko. I saw it in Red and was pretty surprised about the ending. It was different with the anime. If you didn't like the ending in the anime, you might like the movie but I think the anime is still better.

20. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Wallflower Evolution) by Hayawaka Tomoko

Perfect Girl Evolution was serialized in Bessatsu Friend and published by Kodansha. The series was published in English by Del Ray Manga. The series ended in January 2015 with 36 volumes. 

The live action  10 episodes TV drama series was broadcasted in TBS in 2009 starring KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya and Oumasa Aya as Sunako.

I haven't seen the adaptation so I don't know if it has also the excessive nosebleed after seeing Kazuya. I surely enjoyed the anime. It was also pretty popular back then as a comedic reverse harem filled with dazzling guy like Kyouhei and Sunako's Josephine, Hiroshi-kun and Akira-kun.

I also don't know ending as of today. I'll update this once I know about it. 

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