Friday, January 15, 2016

First Concert of 2016

So, Happy New Year everyone even though this is quite late already. We're already in the half of January. Ever since my phone broke (which is still broken and I haven't gotten a new one because of reasons, certain reasons haha), I haven't been in Twitter or Wattpad either. 

I don't blog much often and I don't take pictures much but if I were to make a post about my 2015, that'll be for another one. This post is just for a quick update and to share my excitement. I hope you guys are happy and I know this would be a good year. 

As for the concert, it's One Ok Rock, this coming January 19. Just like other times, I'm going alone. I couldn't quite tell whether I'm destined to be alone or I'm too shy and awkward to approach others. But going alone doesn't mean I didn't have fun. I'm sure I'll also have a great time this coming Tuesday. But if you're going alone too, then do you want to be my concert buddy?

On other note, I'm planning to reconstruct this blog. I'm also planning to come up with new post/list/guide and finish my other posts. 

With that, I'll leave you with a recommendation of book (I haven't reading much manga lately. I blame my phone), Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. 

Oh, and last year I had a Detective Conan Anime marathon that went for days that turned to weeks. I started from 100+ episodes. I finished the entire 700+ episodes and I'm still waiting for the latest episodes. Why don't you check it out? It's one of the longest running series. One thing though, beware of fillers especially if you hate them. 

If you're not up for Shounen Anime or book, maybe an Asian Drama, Korean Drama to be exact, my most recommended for now is Angry Mom. (I've got to revise my list. My Mom and I have been scouring Korean Dramas since the holidays)

See you in the next post! Have a fruitful and happy 2016!

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