Monday, May 11, 2015

Usagi Drop Review

Spoilers up ahead. 

I'm only doing this because I want to defend the manga somehow and agree with the person who wrote this. I want to thank you because of what you wrote I continue reading the series and I'm glad I did so. I won't read the comments because I agree and disagree to some of them. I've read the manga and watched the live action movie but I've never watched the anime. I didn't know it exist until I read the manga. I first learn the series from the movie then I searched it and found it mangaupdates and only to be discouraged to read it. But I don't what came over when I read it. I stopped in the middle for quite sometime, contemplating whether I continue or not because of the ending.
Yes, I tend to jump sometimes especially if I really want to know what will happen in the end. Most of the cases, if I jumped to the ending, I wouldn't go back to read the chapters I missed because what's the point, I didn't miss too much. I think sometimes like that especially when I read not so good but popular stories in wattpad but when I read so I know it's going to end that way so I just skipped to the ending, no biggie. I know, it's rude to the author but if you wrote something that I won't bother skipping, I would. I mean, my stories are not that good either. I know deep inside that some may drop it or just skip to the end. It's a matter of acceptance. But I've never done that with the manga. You missed too much if you skipped chapters.

Anyway, back to Usagi Drop. If you have been spoiled just like me, the manga is still worth the shot. Go and read it.

Do I recommend it? Yes. I want you to experience what I experienced. The feelings I can't contain when I reached the end. Take the risk. Okay? Don't stick with happy warm feelings. Learn to accept. 

In reality, I want to break people like how I was broken. But this manga is not something that would change your ideals and whatnot. Be disappointed, be happy. I'll repeat it again, take the risk. It's worth it.

I know I have said spoilers indirectly already so I apologize for that. 

For the art, it's realistic especially the man in this series. Some were good looking but you might not really like Daikichi or Kouki. This is not a shoujo manga after all. Some girls were drawn attractively and I think, they were better drawn in this series. 

Plot, it's my first time reading a manga that shows the main character from kid up to high school graduation despite the time skip. At first, I considered romance between Rin and Daikichi but when you started reading the manga, it disappears because of their circumstances and age gap. I'm not against the age gap but at times I still find it weird to be honest. Before I delved into the most crucial part of the series, I liked how the setups and how realistic it is. 

Now, I like Kouki. Not right from the start he was a kid but when I saw him grow up, I thought, 'Ah. He's a real good kid.' As much as I wanted him to end up with Rin, it's never going to happen. Yes, I was disappointed. Heartbroken, even. But I want to respect the artist of this series. This is how she wants to end it. Live with it. Don't say rude things. 

The whole ride of the manga is totally enjoyable. You may hate characters but that's perfectly normal. I especially hate Masako, Rin's mother, at first but she was redeemed in the latter part and I was very happy about it. I also like the love story between her and her assistant. 

The ending. Some were happy and disappointed. Well, I'm in the disappointed group. But it doesn't mean I totally hate the ending. It's just an ending I never hoped for. If you want to talk about how Rin fell for Daikichi and how he agreed after two years, I don't know how to begin with that. I thought at first when I learned about it, Daikichi might have something for her too but then when I got to the part where Rin confessed and Daikichi told her about he's not gonna see her like that and it was cruel of Rin to do that to him. 

I have a hunched that they were not related after I knew the ending. What Daikichi said was totally true. How can he see someone in that light when he was the one who raised her up? Their feelings may only be because of how long they've been together. And what hurts the most is that extra chapter when they went to the aquarium. Dude, that's the ending I want. And that's just the ending I want and of course, I won't get it. I won't rant about the ending anymore. You may like it or not but never trash the artist and I'll always be in Kouki's side even though there was hint he may end up with Sayaka. 

This is one of the series you'll never forget. 

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