Saturday, May 30, 2015

One Shot

Finally, here's a post about One Shots. I was quite obsessed with reading, rereading is much proper, one shots. So I'm going to post a list with short reviews (it really depends on how much I would be able to say). I'll be putting the list first and short summary instead. And by short summary, I mean one liner, even one word will do. I do my own summary, anyway. It may take time but I'll be including pictures. My original plan was to include the short review but then it'll include spoiler so it's not really a good idea. So it'll be like list then another list with full reviews. The reviews might take a while too.

Why the hell would you want to look at this list when you can browse yourself for one shots? I'm doing this for the sake of my review. Making a post one by one for one shots isn't exactly ideal. Second is I want to bring out 'the unpopular ones but damn it was good' ones. Most of you might have already read the one shot in my list so then just read my review below. 

What's so good about one shots? It's short and at the same time it's amazingly good. 

What's the downside of one shots? That's it. Don't expect for sequels. If it ended just like that, it's that. Suck it up. 

But to be honest, I don't really think it's much of a downside. It's what the one shot amazingly good. The way it ended abruptly leaving you hanging and craving for more. But it doesn't apply to all series. 

Most of you probably know this already and does this already but I'm still going to mention it. If you like a certain series, you'll probably like the other series of that artist so be sure to check them out. I'm mentioning the most natural thing. I'm an idiot.

I'm also including short series which means 1-3 chapters series.

I want to get into details with series that are a collections of one shot so it'll be probably be detailed but not as detailed as those summary you see in other websites.

Here it is (most of the titles are in Japanese so bear with me):

  1. Atashi Kisushita - childhood friends in high school plus soccer. One of my favorites.
  2. Hotarubi no Mori E - there's a animation for this. Tearjerker. 
  3. Daisuki No Yukue - volleyball and sketching (high school). Same artist for Atashi Kisushita.
  4. Namae wo Shiranai - soccer and high school. The girl was watching through the window. I liked this one too.
  5. Hatsukoi Hakusho - this is a collection of one shots. My favorite story is the first one. 

I'll continue this some time later. I'm going to find my favorites. In the meantime, why don't you check out Girl Queen or Penguin Revolution? 

The Reviews:

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