Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Black Bird Review

Hey-o! This series is one of my favorites so far. It's one of the mangas I've read over and over again. Too bad, there's no more new work from Sakurakoji Kanoko. This series is basically about romance and the complicated stuffs that come along with it. It is one of the manga that I've read that has youkai/demons and gorgeous demons. If you haven't read this, why? Is it because it's a bit long? There's only 70+ chapters. It's quite short, in my opinion. Is it because of the smut? Nothing too much in it but there's a lot of sexual jokes which are real funny at times. Is it because of the female lead? Come on, you'll love her. She'll grow eventually. 

Before I totally get on with full blown spoilers, do I need to give a summary or some sort? Misao is a high school girl who can see supernatural creatures and when she finally reached the age of 16, her first love who was her neighbor when she was a kid returned and little did she know he was a demon too, a tengu.
I just described most of the first chapter. Back to my opinion, for the art, I liked it. I wouldn't complain, the guys were gorgeous especially Kyou and the great eight tengus. I know the 'Usui' name is quite famous because of Kaichou wa Maid-sama but here's also another great Usui. I prefer this Usui more. As for the plot, it was great. It isn't simple as it seem at first. Even though the last part was a bit predictable and all, it was amazing especially on how the artist did not continue the story without sacrifices being made. The ending? Don't worry. Just pick up the book.

The usual warning, from here on, there will be full blown spoilers. 

Many would have drop the series in my opinion because of Misao because she was quite a weak character in the beginning and she depends a lot on Kyou, she cries a lot but she was made to be that and I admit, I like her. Although, she managed to grow up as the story progressed especially when she was made to watch Kyou killed the fox (I forgot his name) and the part where she decided to see Kyou's brother with poison all over her body. She shined in the story.

I think the most climax event of the story is when Kyou killed his brother. I had to hold my breath while reading it but it's also the part I tend to skip when I go back to reread the series again. I also think that this series has the most beautiful bed scene I've ever read. I'm talking about their first time. Though the hawk thing was a bit disturbing but it made sense. That two paged where Kyou's wings opened was simply amazing. I totally loved it. 

Love is the best description of this book. Misao and Kyou were totally in love and crazy with each other. I still cry when I get to the part where Kyou said that he would rather follow Misao instead of living in the world without her. I know their relationship isn't really what you call healthy but their love for each other reached and touched my heart. 

As for the ending, I was glad it was a happy one. But I also liked how Misao lost her legs despite being revived by Kyou for almost three nights. Plus there was an extra chapter that showed how Kyou reacted to that and how he treated his son. Aw, it was lovely and sweet. Writing all this makes me want to go and reread the whole series again especially that extra chapter.     

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