Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ouji to Hero Review

I'm just writing this review because I feel like I have to. To be honest, I did not like this series. This is one those mangas-to-be-avoided. But this is only my opinion. I read comments/reviews about this series but some of them were pretty good and I cannot bear any longer my disagreeing desire. I know most of the times things you read are quite convincing especially if before you start reading something (a series/book). 

I was just browsing in the directory of mangafox and this series is completed already so I thought, maybe I'll try. I did not bother checking the comments. I usually do to see if it was a good or bad series. 

It's a very short series by Yamada Daisy. The art is a bit good. The plot is cliche with love triangle then turned to love square of sorts plus popular guys and boorish looking female lead but beautiful and kind. I do not hate cliche stories. I actually like a good cliche story but this is one just isn't though it has potential at the beginning but the ending and plot twist killed it.
Do I recommend it? Obviously, I will not but some still may like this. Something to read to kill time. Cause despite all that criticism it has a happy ending, everybody was happy in the end.

From here on, there will be spoilers. Things went down when Ouji (one of the male lead) admitted that Megumi (the supposed girlfriend of the other male lead) was his fiance before. I thought it will be a real good plot twist cause the female lead fell in love with Hiro (Hero) though she liked Ouji at first but he has a girlfriend already and was accused of girlfriend snatcher by his best friend, Ouji. But Hiro did not really admit that Megumi was his girlfriend and he had to act to protect Megumi. 

But then the female lead (I kind of forgotten her name, sorry) is still close with Hiro that made Megumi burn with jealousy that she went to Christmas Party in the school with a knife and to kill herself. Then the hospital scene where Ouji blames himself that it was his fault that Megumi's parent died. The reason for their mishap is their own idiocy. I must really hate that series. It doesn't just really make sense to me. Ouji said in other chapters that he was really interested with the female lead. He showed genuine interest but when he saw his ex-fiance, it was all gone. They were apart for two years. I can somehow still understand that because in the first place, the female lead does not really like him. But Ouji and Hero was supposed to be best friends. Hero should have contacted Ouji when Megumi asked for help. I thought Megumi really loved Hero. She was showing different emotions in the series when Hero is with the female lead but when Ouji declared his love for Megumi, ta-dah!, they are back together. What's more? Hero was planning to quit school so he could for Megumi. What happened to all that? I was not even touched when Hero said he was just protecting his best friend's girlfriend. Seriously?! 

I'm going to stop. This is the first time I bashed a series. I did not make sense in the long part, sorry about that. Do not bother reading this series especially if you feel like we have the same taste. 

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  1. I've already read it. First I thought it's good (I love the artstyle and.. Ouji of course...)
    But then, everything happened so fastly, I read it (stay calm..)
    And then I just feel like: "What the hell?!!"
    The manga is really friggin' bad --