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Dengeki Daisy Review

This is one of the series that I used to follow for updates but stopped when I was getting busy and now it's finally completed. It's a happy and sad moment. One word for this series, amazing! Bravo to the artist behind the series, Motomi Kyousuke, thank you for that wonderful story.

I won't do the summary because it will not be really good to read when I put it in my own words. Anyway, the tags I will be using for this series is comedy, romance (slow but worth it), school life, a bit of mystery plus a strong kind yet realistic female lead.

Well, the art in this series is good though there's a certain trademark on her drawings. Her characters at least does not look alike even though there was one time that I was mistaken because of the hairstyle. The plot part will be discussed below.
Will you read this? You will miss something if you don't.  This is totally a must read.

I'm dying to say what I really want to say. Here's the warning, from here on there will be spoilers.

I'm not the type who gives scores for any series but even though this manga is very good, I wouldn't say that this is one is perfect. Of course there's no such thing as a perfect manga but I did not get the "feeling" because maybe I expected too much from this series. But nevertheless, it is a very good series. The series that made me smile the whole time as I was reading it. It really deserves praises.

First thing first, I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending. Maybe because the all of the special chapters haven't been fully scanlated and translated yet. It's not because the artist did not show that they get married or anything. It's not that. It's because of Anthra. There was never an explanation of truly he is and what truly was his purpose. Did he die? I was kind of expecting an explanation at the end but there was none and basically, I'm repeating the questions they left at the end. Is it meant to be left a mystery? That's why I'm still waiting and hoping for that missing special chapters. It was a happy ending. I could not ask for more. Very sweet indeed especially the Fingernails special chapter. Many liked it but personally, it showed a different side of Kurosaki. It's not that I didn't enjoyed, of course I did, I was smiling ears to ears. It's just I enjoyed the little gestures in the whole series instead of that special one. 

Anyway, I'm done with the ending. For the plot, at first, I thought it was going to be a real simple series, you know, what will happen when Teru finds out that the Janitor/Kurosaki is really Daisy? I thought it will revolve with just that. I didn't expect it to be more complicated story behind Daisy. I thought it was going to be big and that's what disappointed me. I was expecting too much. I forgot that this is just a shoujo manga. It's not that I'm bashing shoujo manga, there are series that have really incredible plot and by plot, I mean, different from the usual and everything. I love the usual but it's really different when you find something extraordinary, one of a kind like Scarlet Chair, Basara, Black Bird, Reimei no Arcana and many others. One thing is for sure, this is not your cliche shoujo manga. 

I thought at first that the "sin" which Kurosaki was carrying was simple but when it was revealed, I thought this is going to be big cause they are involve with some evil organization but it was just that. To be honest and I know I've said this already, I was disappointed. I really expected too much. It's my fault that I was disappointed. I also kind of expected that Teru will forgive Kurosaki because she really loves him. The thing that I didn't expect was she used the word thank you instead of forgiveness. 

This is my third time re-writing this and I'm actually starting to get pissed off. My words are becoming different and I'm trying to shortcut it because I already wrote it and I'm writing it again. Sorry for that. Anyway back to the review, even though I said that it was slow romance (and it was tagged like that in, I think that it's not really because they kind of admitted to themselves that they love each other (Teru to herself and Kurosaki to himself) even though none of them confess early on and they didn't get together until everything was over or before over (Kurosaki confessed before M's Testament). 

I've read the latest update, the special chapters. There was the Anthra Special that I've been waiting for. It was good and I didn't expect that Anthra did meet Teru's older brother. It wasn't really what I was expecting because it's not really satisfying but it was good enough. Another thing about that special chapter is when Kurosaki admitted he had feelings for Riko. I was quite bothered about that even though he also said that he knew it was special between Riko and Sou. It gave another angle to the story. I mean, how Kurosaki looked at Riko. If I was Teru and I knew about it, I'd be jealous, real jealous. Though it was quite funny how Akira was on the same situation as him, this time for Teru. 

I'll end it with that. It was a good read. A bit long but still worth it. Oh and Akira's new haircut suits him. I also was curious with Daisy Bell ( the song that they were whistling) so I searched for it. The first video that appeared was a fan made video that has pages of the manga. I thought it was that but the tune is a bit depressing so I checked the comments and I was right, it was not that. It was Daisy Bell by Harry Darce. Here's the video for it.

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