Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ouji to Hero Review

I'm just writing this review because I feel like I have to. To be honest, I did not like this series. This is one those mangas-to-be-avoided. But this is only my opinion. I read comments/reviews about this series but some of them were pretty good and I cannot bear any longer my disagreeing desire. I know most of the times things you read are quite convincing especially if before you start reading something (a series/book). 

I was just browsing in the directory of mangafox and this series is completed already so I thought, maybe I'll try. I did not bother checking the comments. I usually do to see if it was a good or bad series. 

It's a very short series by Yamada Daisy. The art is a bit good. The plot is cliche with love triangle then turned to love square of sorts plus popular guys and boorish looking female lead but beautiful and kind. I do not hate cliche stories. I actually like a good cliche story but this is one just isn't though it has potential at the beginning but the ending and plot twist killed it.

Dengeki Daisy Review

This is one of the series that I used to follow for updates but stopped when I was getting busy and now it's finally completed. It's a happy and sad moment. One word for this series, amazing! Bravo to the artist behind the series, Motomi Kyousuke, thank you for that wonderful story.

I won't do the summary because it will not be really good to read when I put it in my own words. Anyway, the tags I will be using for this series is comedy, romance (slow but worth it), school life, a bit of mystery plus a strong kind yet realistic female lead.

Well, the art in this series is good though there's a certain trademark on her drawings. Her characters at least does not look alike even though there was one time that I was mistaken because of the hairstyle. The plot part will be discussed below.