Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Strobe Edge Review

I wrote this a long time ago during break and I'm just posting it right now. Well, here it is. One of my favorite series even after I fully really analyzed it.

Strobe Edge is a series by Sakisaka Io. Another popular series by her is Ao Haru Ride though it's not finish yet. I think I've read this manga more than twice and every time I do, I still get the same feelings I did when I first read it. It's a bit short; you can read it in one sitting.

I thought it will be a bit cliche since the plot is about the main female protagonist who fell in love with the infamous, handsome male lead who unfortunately had someone else already. Though I'm glad that the main male lead is not a playboy and just a cool yet kind character. He is one of those people that is impossible to hate. Apart from the plot, I liked the art, beautiful and handsome characters. I would go deep with the plot but I don't want to spoil anyone yet.
I'm sure most of hard core fans of shoujo manga must have read this already. If you haven't or still hesitating whether to read this or not, go and read it, you will not regret doing so. The ending is happy too though another special chapter would be great.

Oh and this series is a bit slow in romance.

Warning: from here on there will be spoilers (mild to full blown)

At first I thought that the story will revolve around the childhood friend, Ninako and Ren kind of triangle thing but the good thing was, it didn't and there was a new couple, Sayuri and the childhood friend. I find them a real cute couple. But like Ao Haru Ride, there is another guy who will fulfill the other guy in the love triangle, Andou Takumi. Many of avid shoujo manga readers kind of hate those love triangles. I will mention some of mangas that have those kind of setup. Tonari no Atashi is one though I liked the ending; I was shipping them. Another one is Hirunaka Ryuusei. Many were disappointed with the ending but I think it was fine and I'm still waiting for the said special chapter.

Back to the main point, the love triangle dragged on a bit. I wouldn't say that it was really a love square despite Ren's girlfriend. I thought I will also hate how persistent Ninako was on her love for Ren but it was unbelievably refreshing. She's so innocent in a way that despite being rejected and bullied by the rejected-by-Ren-alliance, she really loved him.

I also liked how she began falling for Ren. It was like fate how he stepped on Ninako's cellphone trap and how he overheard that it was not her style. Even though Ren did not notice, he was really being drawn to Ninako. Bit by bit, he was captured. On that note, I thought I would hate how Ren still interact with Ninako after he rejected her but I was okay with it. I mean, he has a girlfriend already and should not really get close to any girl. That's what I was thinking but the circumstances in the story proved me wrong.

Maybe, it was because Ninako was really persistent or because Ren's girlfriend was busy with her modelling career and studies or because he (Ren) couldn't really show his true self in front of his girlfriend or because they often see each other whether in school or on the way home or during their part time.

I'm still having mix feelings about that. It makes me think about how relationships are fragile especially a long distance one. But despite realizing how Ren felt for Ninako, he tried hard to hide it and keep the relationship. He truly is a guy who is true to his words. He is the type of guy who wouldn't cheat even if he fell for someone else already. See, I cannot hate him; I admired his efforts. But then his efforts were surely not enough. Well, a relationship will not work if one is  already in love with someone else. In some cases, it may but not in this story. The circumstances fit perfectly and Ren's girlfriend noticed it quickly even before Ren realized his own feelings. It's not that I'm not happy that Ren eventually fell for Ninako, in fact I was so excited when he did. I couldn't help but smile. It was just, you know, kind of important for me. It struck something in me.

Anyway, another good thing in this series is the other guy that would make the male lead jealous. In every series that has this kind of setup, I always anticipate the other guy. But in this series, Ninako was amazing. She is a strong and devoted character. She never took the offer/confession of Andou. This what made the series special for me and many other things. There was a time that I want Ninako to fall for Andou but thinking back, Andou showing up is one of the factors that made Ren realized his feelings.

I also liked the friendship between Andou and Ren. Not totally needed in the story, in my opinion but nevertheless made sense and fit right. It also added more drama into the series. The only thing I somewhat did not like is the part when Ninako rejected Ren because of what happened to Andou (he was beat up by some thugs when he protected Ninako). I want to explain why but I will leave it at that. The character that really grew up with all that happened is Andou. His growth was amazing, serious to playboy to serious. He did really fell for Ninako but I have a feeling that he will end up with his first love.

I also like the story of Sayuri and his ex, Ren's friend. It showed regret in a relationship because of wrong decisions you made. It left an impression in me. Well, all in all, it was great series. They did end up together and the extra chapter was really cute. The ending is not perfect but it is worth reading. Writing all this makes me want to read it again. 

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  1. Hmm for me i hate the character of ninako .i dont like a girl being so cozy with a guy who has gf.