Sunday, March 29, 2015

Must Watch Korean Drama

Hi! For the last few weeks, I've been addicted to Korean Dramas yet again. The last time I became so addicted was when I watched You're Beautiful and that's ages ago. I was never a big fan of KDramas like my sister or mom but when I can't find any good manga or series, I turned to dramas. To be honest, I still have several series that I won't continue watching for now. The only reason I'm writing this is because of the last drama I watched. It made me want to write a review because I felt that it is underrated. 

I know everyone have their own tastes but maybe you and I have the same. So here is my top ten Korean Dramas.

10. I Hear Your Voice 

This is the series that made me like Lee Jong Suk. I'm not a big fan of melodramas but I guess the mystery /suspense effect of this drama made me continue watching it at the end. This is about a lawyer and a high school kid who can read someone else's mind. I liked how the female main character differs from the ordinary with her easygoing character. 

Is this a love triangle? There's not much of it in this drama because the story mainly focused on the crime committed by someone that's connected to the three of them. I very much enjoyed watching this. 

9. Boys Over Flower

To be honest, if I didn't include this, it felt wrong. I have watched the Taiwanese and Japanese version. If I'm not totally biased, I'll pick this version but yeah, this one is a totally popular one. F4 and Jan Di

I have nothing more to say about this one.

8. My Coffee Prince
This is a bit old drama and one of the gender bender I've watched, one is Hana Kimi. The comedy part of this series made me like this one. Typical of Korean Drama, Love Square. The female main character likes the other guy but that other guy has feelings for someone else and the male main character likes that someone else too and eventually the female main character falls for the male main lead.

I'm pretty sure you must have watched this one.

7. Pinocchio
I told you, I'm a big fan of Lee Jong Suk and the only reason I watched this drama. I also watched Doctor Stranger but it didn't made my top ten because it turned ugly in the latter part of the story though the first part was very good. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of Park Shin Hye and she's the reason I'm not watching The Heirs.

I didn't expect that this series will be really good. Despite being a melodrama, some parts have comedy which I really enjoyed. The plot and twist also made this drama very exciting. The ending was good but I feel like it still lack something even if it was a happy ending. Most ending of Korean dramas are like that.

6. Full House
Now, another of those old drama and love square. Well, I loved this series and even made me rewatch this couple of times. The chemistry between the main characters were good plus their tandem was really funny. Though there was a Full House 2, I watched it and I was a bit disappointed about it.

5. My Love From Another Star
I wouldn't watch this if weren't for my workmate in which she insisted that it was very good. At first, to be honest, it was a bit boring but there's something that keeps you watching and I'm glad I stick to the end. The ending was not that very satisfying as I have questions left but still good. It made sense and it was a happy one too. Plus I love watching the NG in youtube and even though I don't understand it, it was very funny. You will not regret watching this drama, funny and romantic.

4. The Moon That Embraces The Sun
I was choosing between this drama and My Love From Another Star because I really liked this one. I want to increase it in a higher number but I can't. Well, this is a melodrama and I kind of hate those kinds but I just love this one.

In my opinion, it isn't very romantic but the plot was definitely one of the best out there with the twist and all. Kim Soo Hyun was also a very good actor and the funny/romantic parts made me feel happy, really happy.

3. It's Okay, That's Love

It feels like I've really chosen that size of picture so I could write all of the things I want to say about this series. I wasn't going to watch this drama because some said it wasn't that good. I watched a couple of episodes then stopped. But after episode 4, I couldn't stop.

Don't give up on this drama after the first few episode, it gets really good. This is not your typical Korean Drama and that's one of the reason why it left an impression in me. It's not very romantic at first especially with the bickering between the two characters at the beginning of their relationship and apart from that, this drama is totally liberated.

The plot is simply amazing and the characters are all likable and there's a bit of resemblance to real life. I was really touched by this drama beyond my expectation and the music was really good. The ending was totally romantic too.

A bit of spoiler: I like the part where his older brother visited him in the hospital. His line struck my heart. And the part where he realized that Kang Woo was not real, it made sense. And the part where the mother washed the back of the elder brother and he finally knew the truth about the scene in the river.

2. You're Beautiful

Oh, this is another gender bender and a reverse harem too. I know I said I didn't like Park Shin Hye. Maybe that's the reason I don't feel like rewatching this drama. I think this is her first drama. Back then I was obsessed with this drama. This is the one that made me buy stuffs online and the reason I love FT Island. I'm currently watching the Japanese remake of this drama.

1. Princess Hours (Goong)
I lost of count on how many times I watched this drama. This one will never gets old. I'll never stop smiling, crying, or laughing when I watch this. I even read the manhwa version. Some say that the drama is better than the manhwa but both have their good and bad.

This is one heck of romantic and funny drama plus they go well together. I'm totally biased. :)

That's my top ten, ladies and gentlemen. So what do you think? Do you think I shall watch Secret Garden or any other popular dramas out there?


  1. Haha..I read through all your comments from no 10 to 1 and found your choice of no 1 drama a bit suprising =) although overall I like Princess hours too...I guess I kind of have same opinion with you...I like lee jong suk acting very much and his smile ;)...not a bit fan of park shin hye...found it's ok that's love very touching...and secret garden is a nice drama, you may like it

    1. Haha. I guess I really have this sentimental attachment to Princess Hours, but without that, I think I'm going for It's Okay That's Love as my number one even though as of now I have to redo and extend this list so I could add Reply 1988 in my top three and Kill Me Heal Me in the top 15. Yes! Lee Jong Suk has a really nice smile. :D Can't wait for his new project though I have this new crush, Park Bo Gum with another killer smile. I've watched Secret Garden, and I probably would have liked it more if I had seen it during the times it had been really popular.

      How about you? What's your no. 1 drama? :)

    2. Looking forward to see your new list ;) I have not watched Reply 1988 and Kill me Heal me maybe should give it a try. Park Bo Gum I have not heard of him, just google and found his look alike with Lee Hyun Woo which I like his acting in To the beautiful you, he is so adorable haha...I did not finish that drama though. I guess my no.1 drama now would be Master's Sun :)

    3. You should. I haven't watched Reply 1997 and 1994, but I really enjoyed 1988. Kill me Heal me is a bit of heavy drama,but Jisung was really good. I've heard of that. Lee Hyun Woo even commented that his friends thought he was the one in Roaring Currents. I haven't seen To The Beautiful You though. I still think the JP version is the best.

      Master's Sun :) That's also a good drama. Makes me smile just by recalling it. I'm currently watching Descendants of the Sun. You? Are you watching anything right now?