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Girl Queen Review

Girl Queen is one of the most beautiful manga I've read. It's also one of the most confusing. I remembered rereading the last 2 volumes just to understand it fully and to be honest I'm not still quite sure if my conclusion about the ending is true or not. The artist of this series is Kim Yeon-Joo and she's one of my favorites even though Nabi and Pellua Iyagi is not yet completed. It's not very long and you can read it within one seating with only 7 volumes.

Like any other manhwa, the art is good. All the characters looked beautiful, even the boys. On the other hand despite the very good art, almost all of the characters are distinguishable unlike other manhwas that are hard to recognized characters from each other. The plot is very unique though at first I was reminded of Sugar Sugar Rune because of the princess selection and the part where the Demon King is involved. I might spill some spoilers for both series if I continue. It's a fantasy manga so it's definitely interesting.
Another reason I love this manhwa is because of the ending. I won't be honest if I say that it is a happy one but at the same time I will not say that it is truly a sad ending. But if you have read this series and did not understand what happened, I'm guessing that you will be quite disappointed. I was at first. I was like, 'that's it? What the hell happened?' So I suggest that you either look for some explanation or reread it again.

Despite the not really happy ending, it left really a big impression on me. It made me feel a bit depress to be honest.

Are you going to read it? I recommend that you do. It's really good. If you like a bit of a beautiful main protagonist with hidden incredible powers plus a not much of romance but best friends forever kind of thing, you will surely like this series and that is if you are willing to experience the feeling when you reached the end of the story.

A short summary: June (the female main protagonist) is a candidate as a future Queen of Light in a royal academy which she entered with her childhood friend, Sejuru (the male main protagonist) who is the crush of Lucia who is also a candidate and a rival of June.

Warning: from this point there will be full blown spoilers.

The first few chapters are a bit confusing and not that serious yet. You can hardly understand what was happening especially with that new other character. But the sword fight in the first chapter between Lucia and June left an impression. Of course, the series is a bit funny until it turned serious. I never thought that things will eventually turn to worst when June decided to get the Queen Staff to help her in the ranking.

Of course, the priest, has a big part in all of it though it was really very confusing with bear as the demon king  and all. Many of things actually happened after they got the staff and there was that hanging question of 'why the demon king wanted Sejuru?' Though I kind of suspected at first that maybe Sejuru is a demon and somewhat related to the demon king.

Before I get to the most anticipated climax, I want to discuss the in between stories and what I felt when I read it. After June got the queen staff, she rocketed to the first place and managed to use her powers to create that very large tree. At first, June seemed a typical shoujo character, funny and annoying at times but there was unbelievably growth of her character especially when the past (hers and Sejuru, they grew up together) was revealed and when that red knight attacked Sejuru.

The way I tell the story is a bit confusing but I'm telling it by pure memory and I read it like months ago and what I really would like to tell is the ending and how I felt when it finally made sense to me.

Back to other parts of the story, there are parts that I'm not fully sure but here's what I thought. The demon king was sealed by the former queen (the one in the portrait, she actually kind of looked June) and they sort of has a thing for each other. But thinking really hard of it, the demon king was sealed in the tree that June made and it was not the former queen that the demon king but the candidate that he kidnapped. Now, I'm really confused. But I'm sure of the ending that it was June who sealed the demon king into Sejuru and the cycle repeats itself. 

That's the biggest climax of all. The never ending cycle.  June was the lady that Sejuru kept on saying that she was waiting, the lady who left her in the hill when she turned the demon king into a small child. That's the beginning of all, June meeting Sejuru though it was already predicted that June will be the most appropriate candidate to replace the Queen. It doesn't really make sense at first but when you connect the parts of the story on why was Sejuru attracted to the Red Knight's uniform which was the uniform that the lady (June, really) that saved him was wearing and the last part where June was seen fighting the demon king in the same uniform and the part where she finally brought Sejuru. Though June did not looked like herself because time passed and her hair was longer; she was bigger.

When it made sense to me, I was emotionless at first then pain came. It showed how much she loved Sejuru. It made me amazed in so many levels.

I know some of the parts I said did not really make sense and confusing but I made the ending very clear. I want to go part by part of the story but to that I need to read the series while making the review and I will do that some other time. 

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