Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tenshi no Uta Review

Tenshi no Uta is a manga by Makimura Kumi. It has 38 chapters with a couple of side stories. The series was published in 1997 so the art was really different from today's (but I love old series and their art). I started reading it last night and finished it this morning. This series reminded me of Kaikan Phrase because they have the same theme, music industry. I don't usually like plots that revolve around the entertainment industry because it's really complicated and all, dramatic if I may add BUT there are really good series that are definitely worth the shot to read. I won't mention them but there's just one series that I didn't finish and just jumped to the ending though I might read it again someday, it's One (not The One, okay? They're different. I like The One more).

Saturday, May 30, 2015

One Shot

Finally, here's a post about One Shots. I was quite obsessed with reading, rereading is much proper, one shots. So I'm going to post a list with short reviews (it really depends on how much I would be able to say). I'll be putting the list first and short summary instead. And by short summary, I mean one liner, even one word will do. I do my own summary, anyway. It may take time but I'll be including pictures. My original plan was to include the short review but then it'll include spoiler so it's not really a good idea. So it'll be like list then another list with full reviews. The reviews might take a while too.

Why the hell would you want to look at this list when you can browse yourself for one shots? I'm doing this for the sake of my review. Making a post one by one for one shots isn't exactly ideal. Second is I want to bring out 'the unpopular ones but damn it was good' ones. Most of you might have already read the one shot in my list so then just read my review below. 

What's so good about one shots? It's short and at the same time it's amazingly good. 

What's the downside of one shots? That's it. Don't expect for sequels. If it ended just like that, it's that. Suck it up. 

But to be honest, I don't really think it's much of a downside. It's what the one shot amazingly good. The way it ended abruptly leaving you hanging and craving for more. But it doesn't apply to all series. 

Cappuccino Review

This series is a seven chapters book and I think this is my first time writing a review about a short manga. This manga's artist is Yoshimizu Wataru. The artist for Marmalade Boy and Ultra Maniac. I haven't watch Marmalade Boy but I've read the manga and I watched Ultra Maniac when I was a kid. It's the reason why her art doesn't look like as the popular ones nowadays but I still liked her drawings. One thing, I didn't like is how her male main character somehow always looks the same.

First and foremost, this manga isn't shoujo. It's a josei. Even though it's not my first time reviewing one (Usagi Drop is my first one), I think just as the word josei suggest for. This story is directed to older women and teenagers might not dig this. 

So why am I reviewing this manga? Because no matter how many times I've read it, this manga gives me the same damn feeling and I have to share it to my blog. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Black Bird Review

Hey-o! This series is one of my favorites so far. It's one of the mangas I've read over and over again. Too bad, there's no more new work from Sakurakoji Kanoko. This series is basically about romance and the complicated stuffs that come along with it. It is one of the manga that I've read that has youkai/demons and gorgeous demons. If you haven't read this, why? Is it because it's a bit long? There's only 70+ chapters. It's quite short, in my opinion. Is it because of the smut? Nothing too much in it but there's a lot of sexual jokes which are real funny at times. Is it because of the female lead? Come on, you'll love her. She'll grow eventually. 

Before I totally get on with full blown spoilers, do I need to give a summary or some sort? Misao is a high school girl who can see supernatural creatures and when she finally reached the age of 16, her first love who was her neighbor when she was a kid returned and little did she know he was a demon too, a tengu.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Usagi Drop Review

Spoilers up ahead. 

I'm only doing this because I want to defend the manga somehow and agree with the person who wrote this. I want to thank you because of what you wrote I continue reading the series and I'm glad I did so. I won't read the comments because I agree and disagree to some of them. I've read the manga and watched the live action movie but I've never watched the anime. I didn't know it exist until I read the manga. I first learn the series from the movie then I searched it and found it mangaupdates and only to be discouraged to read it. But I don't what came over when I read it. I stopped in the middle for quite sometime, contemplating whether I continue or not because of the ending.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ouji to Hero Review

I'm just writing this review because I feel like I have to. To be honest, I did not like this series. This is one those mangas-to-be-avoided. But this is only my opinion. I read comments/reviews about this series but some of them were pretty good and I cannot bear any longer my disagreeing desire. I know most of the times things you read are quite convincing especially if before you start reading something (a series/book). 

I was just browsing in the directory of mangafox and this series is completed already so I thought, maybe I'll try. I did not bother checking the comments. I usually do to see if it was a good or bad series. 

It's a very short series by Yamada Daisy. The art is a bit good. The plot is cliche with love triangle then turned to love square of sorts plus popular guys and boorish looking female lead but beautiful and kind. I do not hate cliche stories. I actually like a good cliche story but this is one just isn't though it has potential at the beginning but the ending and plot twist killed it.

Dengeki Daisy Review

This is one of the series that I used to follow for updates but stopped when I was getting busy and now it's finally completed. It's a happy and sad moment. One word for this series, amazing! Bravo to the artist behind the series, Motomi Kyousuke, thank you for that wonderful story.

I won't do the summary because it will not be really good to read when I put it in my own words. Anyway, the tags I will be using for this series is comedy, romance (slow but worth it), school life, a bit of mystery plus a strong kind yet realistic female lead.

Well, the art in this series is good though there's a certain trademark on her drawings. Her characters at least does not look alike even though there was one time that I was mistaken because of the hairstyle. The plot part will be discussed below.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Must Watch Korean Drama

Hi! For the last few weeks, I've been addicted to Korean Dramas yet again. The last time I became so addicted was when I watched You're Beautiful and that's ages ago. I was never a big fan of KDramas like my sister or mom but when I can't find any good manga or series, I turned to dramas. To be honest, I still have several series that I won't continue watching for now. The only reason I'm writing this is because of the last drama I watched. It made me want to write a review because I felt that it is underrated. 

I know everyone have their own tastes but maybe you and I have the same. So here is my top ten Korean Dramas.

Girl Queen Review

Girl Queen is one of the most beautiful manga I've read. It's also one of the most confusing. I remembered rereading the last 2 volumes just to understand it fully and to be honest I'm not still quite sure if my conclusion about the ending is true or not. The artist of this series is Kim Yeon-Joo and she's one of my favorites even though Nabi and Pellua Iyagi is not yet completed. It's not very long and you can read it within one seating with only 7 volumes.

Like any other manhwa, the art is good. All the characters looked beautiful, even the boys. On the other hand despite the very good art, almost all of the characters are distinguishable unlike other manhwas that are hard to recognized characters from each other. The plot is very unique though at first I was reminded of Sugar Sugar Rune because of the princess selection and the part where the Demon King is involved. I might spill some spoilers for both series if I continue. It's a fantasy manga so it's definitely interesting.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Strobe Edge Review

I wrote this a long time ago during break and I'm just posting it right now. Well, here it is. One of my favorite series even after I fully really analyzed it.

Strobe Edge is a series by Sakisaka Io. Another popular series by her is Ao Haru Ride though it's not finish yet. I think I've read this manga more than twice and every time I do, I still get the same feelings I did when I first read it. It's a bit short; you can read it in one sitting.

I thought it will be a bit cliche since the plot is about the main female protagonist who fell in love with the infamous, handsome male lead who unfortunately had someone else already. Though I'm glad that the main male lead is not a playboy and just a cool yet kind character. He is one of those people that is impossible to hate. Apart from the plot, I liked the art, beautiful and handsome characters. I would go deep with the plot but I don't want to spoil anyone yet.