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Must Read

Must Read Completed Mangas/Manhwas

Mostly shoujo. Since I'm still brainstorming for the next chapter of my story in wattpad I decided to put up the list. I guess I'll split this up into two list, the must read and other mangas I've read. Though it feels like the list is a repeat of Shoujo Manga with Anime, nevertheless there are additional.

The manga in the list contains multiple chapters, mostly several volumes. I'm planning on having another set of list for oneshots.

Warning: Not arranged based on anything. The list and comments are based on my opinion so of course you may agree or disagree with me.
  1. Ouran High School Host Club - do I need to say more? If you've watched the anime, read this. I love the ending.
  2. Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) - a bit serious in the manga but still a very beautiful story. Apart from the ending, I love the development of each characters.
  3. Black Bird - I started reading this series when it was not yet finish then drop it but I'm glad I read this. The love in this series is amazing. Definitely a must read.
  4. Kaichou wa Maid-sama - though I must admit that the ending feels a bit rushed, you shouldn't miss the development of Misaki and Usui in the manga.
  5. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - I've never watched the anime but the manga is good. I have lots of things I want to say about this series so I'll just say it in a review.
  6. Ghost Hunt - one of my favorites. see the review here for detailed explanation.
  7. Gakuen Alice - the ending is a bit disappointing, I demand a sequel but the plot twists and development is what makes it worth reading.
  8. Orange Marmalade - vampire story and fully colored. I believed that this a webtoon comic. Not your typical cliche romantic story so give it a try even though it's different from usual.
  9. Lovely Complex - the anime ending is good and only a bit of the story is left in the manga but still the continuation is a must read if you want a glimpse of their college/university life.
  10. Lovely Everywhere - not a popular series but you'll enjoy it. It contains only three volumes.
  11. Game Over - this series is short, it is only one volume but the main story is the must read. This is not a shoujo but a josei though the romance in this series is so cute.
  12. Reimei no Arcana - this is painfully heartbreaking but don't worry it has a good ending. 
  13. Fruits Basket - if you haven't read this, I must ask why? Because of art? I'm going to smack you. Just kidding. :D
  14. Hana to Akuma - one of the series I followed by updates. This is a lovely story and I loved the ending too.
  15. Faster than a Kiss - reminiscing about this series gives me squeezes in my heart. It has a good plot and ending. 
  16. Girl Queen - this is one of the most confusing story (the last parts) yet unbelievably good. I have read this many times and it never fails to amaze me. Reread and reread until you have your own theory about the ending.
  17. Hapi Mari - this one is under josei. It involves an arranged marriage and I must say I enjoyed reading this one.
  18. Strobe Edge - one of the series that I'm not angry about what happened in the end because it basically involves a love square (or maybe a love triangle). It has a happy ending and definitely worth supporting my ship. The main female character is not someone you can hate.
  19. Akaku Saku Koe - not one of the popular series and the art is a bit sketchy but the story is wonderful.
  20. Hajimari no Niina - I would have settled for the one shot version but they extended it. Well, it was still a great series, not your typical shoujo manga.
  21. Midnight Secretary - Josei. The romance in this story run a bit slow but that is what makes you want to read more.
  22. Seiyuu-ka! - see the review here
  23. High School Debut - one of the funniest manga I've read.
  24. Basara - this series is pretty long. I remembered staying up all night to finish this because I just can't stop reading. A bit historical and action,
  25. Millenium Snow - another vampire story but this a very romantic one plus it has a good ending.
  26. Cynical Orange - another heartbreaking story yet it has still a good/happy ending. If I say more I'm afraid I will spoil you.
  27. Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki - okay, this is josei which has a lot of sex but it's pretty funny. I truly enjoyed reading this, the characters is a stupid couple.
  28. Naruto - this came out of nowhere but I can't stop myself from including it in the list.  
  29. Fujoshi Kanojo - I've watched the movie and I must say it has a better ending but the manga is simply amazing, much funnier and detailed.
  30. Shinobi Life - this might be a bit boring in the beginning but it eventually improves. I loved the twists.
  31. Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Club - a reverse harem and a bit like Ouran but unexpectedly enjoyable since it is funny and the female main character is so different from the ordinary.
  32. Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume - the ending is a bit disappointing but the rest of the story is light and makes me feel bubbly inside while smiling. Romance is a bit slow but the competition is really funny.
  33. Bokura ga ita - if you've watched the anime series and the movies, I assumed you must have at least read the manga. 
  34. Hana no Namae - older guy x younger girl and a bit deeper plot. Well, the ending is good and there are some heart aching moments.
  35. Hirunaka no Ryuusei -though the last chapter hasn't been scanned, I saw the last chapter and I'm not going to say anything for now but definitely a must read. I liked the ending too.
  36. Hoshi wa Utau - a series with happy ending but still gives me a feeling of 'wtf' reaction. I don't want to say anymore. I'll review this series too some time in the future but this really is a good story.
  37. Love at First Sight - this series is something else. The season 2 is a bit different from what I expected from season 1. I'd like to give it a full review cause this series has left a great impression on me. The ending is happy and the art is amazing, the characters are really good looking.
  38. Vampire Knight - I know this is one of the manga that has a lot of negative comments about the ending but I think I've said enough here
  39. Anatolia Story - a historical manga that is unbelievably good. It's a bit long but nevetheless worth reading.
  40. Private Prince - a josei that has some mature content but incredibly romantic. I love the ending.
  41. Kitchen Princess - if I say anything about this manga I might say something that will be a big spoiler.
  42. Gokusen - if you've watch the anime and the drama series, why haven't you read this? This one is romantic and definitely different compared to the drama series.
  43. Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen - the couple in this series is adorable. 
  44. Love in the Mask - one of best manhwas I've ever read. Heartbreaking but still very good.
  45. Beauty Pop - haircuts. The series is cute with slow romance. The main female character has a strong personality and I like it that she's not cliche.
  46. Kiss/Hug - the author of this series is really good. I think I've read most of her work.
  47. Mars - this one is definitely romantic. It's a bit long though.
  48. Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu - I thought I'd give up on this manga but I'm glad I didn't. You must definitely read this. Don't worry it has a happy ending.
  49. Kaikan Phrase - I have so many things I want to say about this manga. This one makes me shiver just by reminiscing it. Happy ending too.
  50. Merupuri - I just adore this manga. 
  51. Doubt - I think this is shounen and horror. Still, I liked this manga. But there's another series with the same title. That one is good too.
  52. Koko ni Iru Yo! - for some reason this manga kind of reminds of Taiyou no Ie. I loved the ending of this one. I'm glad she end up with the one I'm shipping.
  53. Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare - this one is just plainly cute and sweet.
  54. La Corda D'oro - if you love the anime, you might wonder who she end up with. Want to find out? Read.
  55. Sora Log - you know for some reason I can't remember totally this manga but I know this is good and definitely romantic.
  56. Penguin Revolution - the ending is not what I expected but still a very good series. 
  57. Tonari no Atashi - I'm just glad that the ending in this is not typical. Still, I shipped them.
  58. The Flower of Evil - one of my favorites. This one is not popular but I really loved this series despite the tragic ending. Warning: incest
  59. Air Koi - short series, just one volume. Heartbreaking but you'll definitely love this one.
  60. Utopia of Homosexuality - read this many time already. I'm in love with Kim Ji Sub.
  61. Wedding - I like the season 2 much better. 
  62. Nodame Cantabile - Well, the anime is enough but there are still differences from the manga.
  63. Shiki - I think this one is not under shoujo. This is not a happy ending but Yuuki left an impression in me.
  64. Neck and Neck - this one has a silly couple in it. A cute manhwa.
  65. The moment fox becomes a wolf - this is a good manhwa with somewhat still a happy ending.
  66. Mekakushi no Kuni - one of the series I've read thrice. 
  67. Cutie Boy - this manhwa is very cute. Although it's a bit typical HMR manhwa, I find it nice because of a different angle. The bully-your-crush kind of thing.
  68. Cipher - this series is a bit long and there are parts that you might find boring but I love this one though I haven't read the sequel yet.
  69. Crimson Hero - many are disappointed about the ending of this series but for me it is a bit realistic and happy at the same time. Sports manga.
  70. Issho ni Neyou yo - this one on the other hand is a bit different from the usual. The romance is slow and the plot is deep but you'll enjoy reading this.
  71. Ingenuo - one of the longest mangas I've read and even though I've read this once I can still remember the plot. A long dramatic yet romantic ride. 
  72. Monkey High - this series does not leave a big impression but I can still recall what I felt reading it. It's cute and really made me smile.
  73. Arcana - I just finished reading this recently and I keep on wondering why did I only know of this manga now. Some may not like this because it's a bit slow and confusing at times, if you're not into reading into it, you'll get bored. The art is really good.
  74. Angel Diary - I did not expect this series to be good when I picked it randomly but I really enjoyed reading it. It's a bit short but definitely good. 
  75. Dear - this one is a fantasy and has lots of other characters and a happy ending.
  76. Immortal Rain - this manga amazed me. The plot is different and definitely interesting and good. This series is a bit long and you'll just love the characters. I didn't expect the happy ending and I'm glad that it ended that way.
  77. Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai - my heart hurt when I read this series though it ended happily. This is a good series. 
  78. Yoru Cafe - this series is a josei and a bit mature. Like private prince, I enjoyed this light series.
  79. Goong - you must have watched the drama, right? I loved it. Some may say that the drama has a bad ending but just try reading this one, you won't regret it. I didn't and I tried many times to read it.
  80. Kodomo no Omocha - a bit old series and the characters are young but the romance in it is something you won't expect in a story like this.
  81. Savage Garden - I almost forgot this series when it is one of the good series I've read. You must definitely read this. See review here.
  82. NG Life - the main protagonist is a male and the plot is very unique with past life and all. If you're interested in this kind of plot check Please Save My Earth.
  83. Masca - it has a sequel and the sequel is not completely scanlated. This is fantasy, devil and slightly human (witch) kind of thing. 
  84. Koishi Tagari no Blue - love square and for some reason this reminds me of Bokura Ga Ita, not that the story is the same. Also involves fake relationship and unexpressed feelings but I enjoyed reading this series
  85. The Scarlet Chair - this is one of the rare finds in shoujo. I had read this in years and I was simply amazed. A bit historical on the side.
  86. Ao Haru Ride - one of the popular series but I liked Strobe Edge more.
  87. Dengeki Daisy - I think I said much for this series in a separate review
  88. Crossroad - for some reason, this series left a big impression of me because my ship did not end together and I will not say anymore because of spoilers. This has step sibling and teacher student relationship.
  89. Taiyou no Ie - another to those one of the popular series. JK and older man. The ending turned out great.
  90. Switch (Mochizuki Karin) - this one is a bit short and there's not much of romance but I enjoyed this. Teacher and student relationship.
  91. Rockin' Heaven - it took me several tries before I finally get pass four chapters to this series. Don't give up. It actually got good in the middle.School and reverse harem.
  92. Tenshi no Uta - see link for the review on the side if you're using the web version
  93. Kouya no Koi - some may say that this is not good and a bit rushed but this has something that I didn't see in any other manga I read. Middle school love, growing up.
  94. Shinsei Doumei Cross - I remember reading this manga way back and so when I picked it again to reread, it all came back. This deserves a lot more. School, twins, gangster and rich kids.
  95. Marmalade Boy - 
  96. Sweety Gem
  97. Vampire Girl
  98. Vampire Game
  99. The Story of Someone We Know
  100. Pinocchio
  101. Usagi Drop
  102. Sakamichi no Apollon
  103. It's Not Like That Darling
  104. The Embalmer
  105. Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei
  106. Honey and Clover (Hachimitsu to Clover)
  107. Dokuhime
  108. Once Again
  109. Diamond Life
  110. Akuma de Sourou
  111. Ano Koro ni Aitai - Brother complex, old series, happy ending
  112. Orange
  113. Yumemiru Taiyou
  114. W Juliet
  115. The One
  116. Hot Gimmick
  117. Hitsuji no Namida
  118. Charming Junkie
  119. Cat Street
  120. Seishun Kouryakuhon - male friendship in shoujo manga, a bit short but it's surprisingly good.
I still have some more but I'll continue this some other time and then probably next time I'll group the manga to light, heavy drama, school life, and stuff like that. 

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