Friday, November 14, 2014

Must Read

Must Read Completed Mangas/Manhwas

Mostly shoujo. Since I'm still brainstorming for the next chapter of my story in wattpad I decided to put up the list. I guess I'll split this up into two list, the must read and other mangas I've read. Though it feels like the list is a repeat of Shoujo Manga with Anime, nevertheless there are additional.

The manga in the list contains multiple chapters, mostly several volumes. I'm planning on having another set of list for oneshots.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The CPA Road

Where do I start? The review? This road is long where you will experience bumpy roads, crossroads and one heck of a ride. Many will tell you choose this course cause there are lots of opportunities when you graduate, let alone when you pass the board. Well, for me, I chose the course for myself. The first year was a bit easy. Though this depends on your choice of school, many have four year while others already adopted the five year program.

For first year, there's basic and the partnership and corporation accounting. The latter is harder, obviously. Then there's the qualifying exam. I took two exams, one during first year and second was during second year. I won't dwell too much in undergrad but trust me, this phase of your life is one of the most important part that you shouldn't waste. You'll experience a lot of hardships, late nights, failing quizzes, nerve wracking recitations and out of this world exams. Apart from memorizing stuffs, I experienced memorizing answers and please NEVER do that, NEVER. Even if I passed due to that and incredible prediction of what will be asked during the exam, you will experience the effect during the review or latter part of your fourth year and you will surely regret it. I know cause I did, I did regret it. Also if you did not make it, keep on trying, keep on going, no matter what anyone tell you as long as you want to be a CPA, go and you will be eventually.