Friday, October 24, 2014

Ghost Hunt Review

This is one of my favorite series ever, anime and manga. It is a light novel written by Ono Fuyumi and drawn by Inada Shiho. I'm a big fan of this series. I watched the anime twice and read the manga for at least thrice but I think I've read the last volume for more than ten times already. There's a sequel for this series, Akumu no Sumu Ie. It isn't complete yet and so far, it only has ten chapters. It is a horror manga and if you're expecting a lot of romance, you're wrong, dead wrong. There is no development of romance in this series, a bit maybe, towards maybe but really don't expect too much. I had a problem with sleeping after I've watched a certain episode (Bloody Labyrinth) and after I've read the series. It wasn't really that scary but if you've really, you know, absorbed it, it won't leave your mind. Seriously, if you're a scaredy cat I don't recommend this manga. But the characters are really good and I just fell in love with them. The series ended long time ago but I wanted to write how I felt about it. It has 12 volumes and really lots of long conversations compared to other series. I haven't read the light novels but there are translations in the bakatsuki though not yet finished yet. I skimmed parts of it and it really is a light novel, easy to with read cause it's filled most of the times with conversation. I also owned a one volume of the manga and I wish to complete it and that would be quite expensive. Anyways, for the in-depth review.

This is Mai
Warning. From here there will be spoilers.  The scariest case for me in the series is the Bloody Labyrinth. Its not only because they couldn't really exorcise the spirit but what Mai had experience was really scary especially in the anime. It's too bad that they didn't continue the anime up to the last volume. Well, the sequel is a bit scary too and a bit more emotional for me. Naru is good looking and leaves a real strong impression to the readers. I thought there would be more exposure for each character, I mean backgrounds for each of them especially Mai. Nothing has been revealed on Mai's past, about her parents, maybe it was not really important. And the ending was not really the ending I had expected cause it just ended like that. Well I kind of understand that its really the end cause Naru achieved what he came for Japan and that is too look for his brother. But the killer was never found. It was an open ended series. I think that's why there's a sequel but I had a feeling that the sequel is just focus on the house, in just one case despite that Eugene hasn't moved on yet. I have no choice but to wait anyway. I really enjoyed this series. It left a big impression on me especially Eugene Davis, Naru's brother and how Mai fell in love with him not knowing he wasn't Naru.

I think you'll enjoy this series cause you won't expect about what's in the end. I even made a one shot story inspired by this series, if you like you can read it, Distance 

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  1. I completely agree with you :) I love ghost hunt a lot :)