Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fruits Basket Review

Warning: With hints of spoiler

Who doesn't know Fruits Basket right? It was one of my childhood anime. Though I can barely remember the anime (I might re-watch it), the manga is still very clear to me. I've read it thrice already and planning to read it again sometime in the future. This series is by Takaya Natsuki. I only owned one volume, hard to find in the bookstores and if I find one, its expensive. Its an old series with 136 chapters in total. It's one of the series that really ended great and happily too. Never mind the art, it really improved in the latter chapter. The story was really different and interesting. Apart from the comical part, the development of each character was something else. At first impression (especially in the anime), I thought it would lead into complicated love triangle but I'm really glad that it did not. Plus it's reverse harem.

This is my own opinion especially someone who's into otome games, harem with handsome guys is a plus. I love all the characters despite you know, Tohru being too kind for her own good.

This series is pure and defines friendship and love in a way that is hard to find in the real world. It might feel like it's a simple story but it actually goes deeper, pain, loss and sufferings and how you get over them. Intimate love scenes? I guess there is one between Rin and Haru. I don't consider it (between Kureno and Akito) a love scene. All the love stories between the characters are sweet and I can't help but say 'Aw'. I'm also glad that Tohru ended up with Kyo and that second to the last page was really the perfect ending, a very satisfying ending. This manga offers a lot and if you haven't read it, you missed one of the most amazing manga out there. 

The second to the last page I'm talking about. Sweet, right? 

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