Friday, October 24, 2014

Death Song Review

This series is one of the manhwa I've read twice. I just read it because I was curious at first and since the art is a bit good. It didn't leave much of an impression that's why I needed to read it again cause I can't recall what was it all about. It is a good read when you're really bored and you feel like reading a manhwa with good looking characters. The setting and story is a bit different and not cliche. Well, with the summary I was expecting a different angle of the story but it turned out wrong so it has good twist and turn despite that the one thing I kind of predicted. You will also predict who she will end up with but there were no other possible romance anyways with other characters. The characters are likable despite not a having depth description in the story. Its short with only three volumes. Try it if you have time. I was just really attracted to the drawing. It is a series by Jeong Eum Kim. 

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