Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vampire Knight Ending

Basically, I wrote this post because of the stupid and infuriating comments about the Vampire Knight's ending. I only finished it today and when I looked around at Mangahere's for other's opinion. It was like OMFG. Criticism in another whole level. People who didn't even understand the ending. Well, I'm not a professional critic and I maybe a bias too but seriously bashing a perfect ending. They said it was kinda rushed but for me the rushed part in the manga was the fight between Sara and whole other fights. I kind of understand that we all have our own opinion and biases and freedom too, to write whatever we want. So here I am to retaliate. It will be too long to be posted in there and I admit, I don't want people acting like they are better than me because I'm also not that better than them but at least I respected them. I just put it in my blog. If I hadn't read the comments, I would not be feeling this. I wished I didn't look for other opinions. Seriously, I should stop hating.

So the ending of Vampire Knight, with Kaname putting his heart in the furnace and dying but Aidou put him in a ice coffin to prevent any harm while Kaname's sleeping. Then Zero confessed that he wanted Yuuki to come with him. Then the part that everybody felt like it was rushed, the passage of time. Seriously, what would the artist draw about that? It was just the passage of time and vampires especially pure bloods live a longer life even extending to forever. Basically, thousands of years passed and the scene was back into Yuuki putting a piece of bloody rose in the grave of Ichiru and the twin's parents while she thinks about Zero who was already dead due to passage of time. In the background, there's a silhouette of two people. Then the scene changed into Yuuki with Kaname still asleep saying it was the time to put the fire out of the furnace. She also said that Aidou had finished Kaname's research. With that, she used her life to change Kaname into human. When he woke up the two silhouette which turns out to be Yuuki's offspring spoke. It was a girl and a boy. The girl has Yuuki and Kaname's hair while the boy looks Zero especially with the hair and all plus he's younger. I assumed that the girl was Yuuki and Kaname's child because there was a scene while others assumed it was both Zero's.

I didn't mind that there were different speculations but seriously, people who didn't get that it was Yuuki's child, my hands began to itch. And that comment about something vampires can't have kids. I'll stop gritting my teeth and glaring and sighing exhaustively. I also read a comment about the Bella Swan effect. I beg to differ. I admit that there are similarities but in the first place Yuuki belonged to Kaname. Even if she loved them both. If she would be asked to pick between the two of them, Yuuki would pick Kaname. Though there's a hint of guilt with Yuuki's love with Kaname, she still loved him and she did not sleep with him because of pity, it was guilt because she knew she loved Kaname but she has feelings for Zero. It may seem pathetic but she even stole Zero's memory of her so she could save Kaname so what's that? Pity? Guilt? Love? She gave it up without even knowing what's the real intention of Kaname. Well back to the Bella effect, it was Kaname's wish for her to be together with Zero. And seriously, Yuuki is a pureblood. The one that could live forever. Does that ring a bell? She has a lifetime to think it over. Spend her time with her loved one. Think this again, if Kaname didn't decide that he has to be the parent replacement and he would live with Yuuki. That would be the ending. She wouldn't pick Zero no matter what. I think I already said this.  Also, Kaname died. Yuuki could never be with Kaname ever again. Though, yeah, she loved them both. But still the ending was great, perfect even because to really think it, Yuuki didn't really end up with the either of Kaname or Zero. Especially the last scene, it was fucking perfect.

Of course, there are some downside of the ending too. I felt sad because Kaname died and did not spent the eternity with Yuuki like I hoped for. Yes, I'm a Kaname bias even though I was a fan of Zero at first. Kaname has greater love for Yuuki. It even made me cry. I'm not expecting a special chapter or anything. I was satisfied with that. Oh and yeah, I think the art is good not expressionless. The eyes were perfect. The details were good. Fits the vampires. 

That's it. I'm over contradicting myself and ranting. 

I'm finally letting go.

Yes, the hell I care.

For the shorter version of this post, I think that the ending was great. Satisfying. Not rushed. It was just perfect. (May 29, 2013)

May 28, 2015 So hey dudes who read my ranting. Here I am because I only discovered now that there were actually extra chapters of Vampire Knight that explained the whole kid thing. And I was right, the girl was Kaname's and the boy was Zero's. I was glad for the fact that the artist showed a scene where Kaname embraced both of them. It was really a beautiful scene. As much as I want to talk about Zero, I won't.

Before I finally end my additional comment about the extra chapters, I want to say something that's not totally related to the manga itself. Many readers/fans doesn't realize the hardship of manga artist. But I'm not the one to talk because I don't basically know how they feel or how they do their job. But after reading some of Sorachi-sensei (Gintama artist)'s omake, I saw a different picture. I was looking at the bigger side of the picture. Some may feel that the series was rushed or something like that but some of the artists doesn't have the control over that. If they're going to be cut or not or whether they should go with that kind of plot line or how many chapters left before the ending. Learn to appreciate. You may not have like how it ended but it was beautiful. It was sad, sweet and something in between. You may not get what the ending you wished for. You may have regretted reading it and cursed yourself why the hell did you read it. But you got to read an amazing story. Stop hating.

I kind of regretted that I only managed to read the two extra chapters now. It's funny how it was almost two years since I posted this. 

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  1. Hey!

    I just recently finished Vampire Knight. Trust me, I sort of gave up the manga when it decided to go cray cray. But at least I came back to finish it. What can I say? A bittersweet ending afterall. Decided to find out what others think of it and like you, I was not expecting so many adverse comments. The author doesn't really deserves being called names too. She did what was best for the already crazy storyline. One thing I agree with the rest was it felt a bit too rushed towards the end. Not because of the huge time jump, but because we don't see much of the other amazing characters. :(

    Anyway, you are one of the very few who has the same thoughts as me, and I'm kinda happy to have read your post. I feel it was poetically beautiful towards the last few scenes. It was so obvious that one child was Kaname's and the other was Zero's. How can any reader not understand it, I cannot fathom that. Also, Yuuki was not being selfish to leave her children behind. She gave a very beautiful present to Kaname, the gift of light. He has not been able to see daylight for what, 2 thousands of years. This was the only way to wake him, and as a pureblood, I think the longer you live, the more you actually crave for a release (death), so what Yuuki did was understandable to me in fact. And, she was kind to Zero afterall, she followed him in death, even if she loves Kaname. Now, the three of them will reunite in death soon, since Kaname is a human now, and I suspect he won't live for long anywayz.

    I also feel that Kaname got the short end of the stick since he didn't get to spend much time with his beloved Yuuki in the end. So while people feel that Zero was a 'replacement', he got what he wanted: living till the end with his love. Ain't that a good ending for him? So why do fans feel sad for him?

    I love bittersweet endings, as they tend to stay on my mind for a longer time. Rather than a chirpy happy one, I believe this is a much desirable conclusion for our melancholic creatures in the dark. I do wish people stop complaining so much.

  2. Hi
    I have just finished the Manga, too. An hour ago. I'm also glad that I read this post and also the comment. The ending was fucking perfect. I started reading it when I was in grade 7. Now, four years later, I am in grade 11. It's amazing to be finished with the story, but today I lost something. Through all the years I read books and was sad after finishing them, but i never thought that Vampire Knight would end during the next years. Well that's it. Nevertheless I wished, that Kaname and Yuuki would have more time together. Kaname and Yuuki how they raise their child like Juri and Haruka. I'm really curious if Kaname and his daughter had spend time together, so that she got to know her father.

    I'm really sorry if I made grammar or writing mistakes, but english isn't my first language and I thought someone who spends his time for writing such a long post deserves an answer :)

    I'm going to search for the extra chapters now. ^-^

  3. Hi! I just have started to read the manga and as well have watched the anime. Well, reading your opinions had spoiled me though ;) I had finished watching the first season and I am now getting started to watch the next season. The anime is really great so I am making research about it that is why I ended up here...:)and ahmmm... based on what I have researched, it did really spoiled me. And now, I am wishing that I should have not researched..
    I hate endings about someone who will die.
    But in the anime, has it already ended? Are there no more episodes coming?

    For the persons out there who know, please reply me :) thank you ;)

    1. Hi! The anime has ended and the chances of another season are low so I really doubt it. No more VK anime.

      It's too bad that you've been spoiled but don't let it stop you from reading it. I prefer the manga since the drawings are more detailed than the anime. Anyway, I hope you continue reading it. :)