Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vampire Knight Ending

Basically, I wrote this post because of the stupid and infuriating comments about the Vampire Knight's ending. I only finished it today and when I looked around at Mangahere's for other's opinion. It was like OMFG. Criticism in another whole level. People who didn't even understand the ending. Well, I'm not a professional critic and I maybe a bias too but seriously bashing a perfect ending. They said it was kinda rushed but for me the rushed part in the manga was the fight between Sara and whole other fights. I kind of understand that we all have our own opinion and biases and freedom too, to write whatever we want. So here I am to retaliate. It will be too long to be posted in there and I admit, I don't want people acting like they are better than me because I'm also not that better than them but at least I respected them. I just put it in my blog. If I hadn't read the comments, I would not be feeling this. I wished I didn't look for other opinions. Seriously, I should stop hating.