Saturday, April 6, 2013

Utopia of Homosexuality Review

Utopia of Homosexuality is not really about boy's/girl's love. Its a normal romance between two people who thought that their identity is different from what they were born with. Though there were scenes wherein both characters have love interests in the same gender. The manwha is illustrated by Lee Sang-Eun. The plot is simple and not really a cliche type. The art is good but not that refined. The characters started as a friend but eventually realized that they love each other. 

There are no heavy conflicts in the story and the story itself is light and enjoyable. The hint of comedy and their denseness of how they truly feel is a good of the series. Though the ending is quite predictable and all, it is nice to see how the story ends and how they discovered what each other truly meant to them. Well, I was kinda expecting a really love triangle but it just passed by. Nevertheless, the jealous face is still one of the most romantic factor in the series.

Its short with only 3 volumes and a good read.

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