Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seiyuu Ka-! Review

You must know Special A, right? Seiyuu Ka-! is a manga from the same artist of Special A, Minami Maki. Though I never got to finish Special A, I have read the other works of the artist. I dropped Special A when I saw the anime and never got to read it again. Anyway, Seiyuu Ka! is a manga about a girl named Hime of dreaming to become a seiyuu (voice actors). She is studying in a specialized school for seiyuus and there she met popular seiyuus among the students. 

Well, for starters, the main character is somewhat cliche but nevertheless has a strong character, a girl who never back down. Hime is not really a good seiyuu but she was discovered during an incident in school where she performed as a guy. Then that's where the real story begins. She had to pretend as a guy and even dressed like one. The series has a slow romance development and there's a bit element of BL but not really BL since Hime is really a girl. 

The plot is not that typical but I saw it coming that one of the people who are good to her will eventually fall in love with her but I must say, the back story of other characters were really good. 

The series was a bit long with 70 chapters (12 volumes) but it made me giggle a lot. Other than that, the art was just like Special A. I knew it was from the same artist without even checking it. And then the ending, others said that it felt rushed but for me, it was good enough. It will be only repetitive if the artist showed the time when she finished her job as a guy seiyuu. It was a happy ending and I really liked the last page. Definitely worth the read. 

I like it more than Special A because the main character is not as irritating as the main character of Special A.

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