Friday, April 5, 2013

Savage Garden Review

Savage Garden is a manhwa written/illustrated by Lee Hyeon Sook who also wrote one of my all time favorite manhwa, Flower of Evil. It is a story about a girl named Gabriel who needed to enter and disguise herself as a guy in an all boys school and even stay in the dormitories as Jeremy who was her childhood friend in the orphanage. The summary may seem a bit cliche since most of the manhwas have that kind of plot but this manhwa is different. The story run in the 18th century in England and the school is a private school for nobles. There she met two men who were brothers.

Well, Gabriel is a pretty looking lady. Her hair is blonde and curly but when she disguised herself as Jeremy, she colored her hair black and cut it. The art was amazing as usual. The plot is quite different from Flowers of Evil but nevertheless, good. It was a short manhwa with only 7 volumes containing 29 chapters. I read it within a day. At first, I was just going to read two volumes since but then after reading two volumes, I was hooked and decided to finish the whole series.
It’s under the genres: Shoujo, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Tragedy, Gender Bender, Historical, and Drama.

Even though its under Tragedy, the story still has a happy ending. 

Spoiler ahead

The story was something else. It was simply amazing, I was hooked with every chapters. Though at first, the characters are  a bit cliche, there's a playboy, a bully and the mysterious guy whom the main character seemed to be curious about. But when Gabriel had to choose whether she will stand in for Jeremy and her feelings of jealousy because her friend has a father and she will be sell off as a slave. I had the idea that Jeremy was going to die when he picked the berries. The manga showed a glimpse of reality and tragic life of the poor. It was really a great manga. Apart from that, I liked the story of Ray and how he remembered he accidentally killed his mother. The twists and the bits of the story of the characters were what's the word, yeah, unforgettable especially the crying face when (I forgot the name of the guy) he was strangling Jeremy's neck in top of the tower as if to kill Jeremy. I would never forget that scene. It was really something else.

The ending is somehow what I predicted that one of the characters will die and the older brother died. The thing I didn't expect was that their father didn't take his son's death and Ray had to pretend as his brother. The story jumped 3 years after the older brother was shot and that's the only thing I would like that the author elaborated more but still, it was suffice. Like I said earlier, the story has a happy ending with Ray finally finding Jeremy/Gabriel. Though I would like to know what happened next but its good enough. The pairing is what I hoped for so I'm happy and satisfied with that. I loved the manga but I still think that Flowers of Evil is still my favorite of the author's works.

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