Saturday, April 6, 2013

Legend of Nereid Review

Legend of Nereid is a manhwa illustrated by Hwang Mi Ri with 15 volumes. It is a shoujo manhwa with mix of Greek mythology. A prophet somewhat lied to the queen about the source of the destruction of Attica with the current King, thereby creating a tragic destiny to the main character, a fifteen year old girl named Matia.  

I have read plenty of Hwang Mi Ri's manhwa and I must say, this is quite different from the others but slightly the same too. The art is good and the characters are bishounen. The plot at first has really a Greek sense kind of thing but later on the story it was not really portrayed. I was kind of expecting more Greek mythology since I'm a sucker for that kind of plot. The romance in this manhwa is very different from what I normally read, its deep, especially in the latter part. The manhwa portrayed a genre of Boy's Love (BL) but not much of it to be really a main concern. Of course, there's also the never ending love triangle but  really, I wished there were more in this series. There are some scenes which are brutal but not that you will fill disgusted or anything.

The only thing is that I felt the ending was a bit rushed. It felt like, "What? That's it?" Like any other story, there is the years after and gender bender but only in a few chapters. The characters are likable but there were times I had a hard time relating to them. The main character is strong willed and not weepy or whiny. What's more interesting is she knows how to handle a sword. I must say that the author really did a good job in portraying a different kind of love and the sacrifices you have to do in order to keep that love. The series is filled with unrequited love but nevertheless, it was a happy ending sort of. 

But I was kinda rooting for the other guy, the one in the picture.

Anyway, the series is a good read when you have nothing to do and looking for something different than the usual teen age love. I enjoyed reading it. 

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