Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kiss Review

Kiss is a manga illustrated by Matsumoto Tomo. Actually, it was my first time reading a work of the artist though I think I might have read the 23:00. 

I only read it because it was a student-teacher relationship. Anyway, the plot of the manga is simple and straight forward. Another plus for the manga is it involves music which is piano. It was quite long with 44 chapters (8 volumes). 

Well, it wasn't any typical or cliche manga and there were no love triangles or anything. It was nice that the story does not only evolves with the two main character. I also like the flash backs of the story. For me, there were no intense climax of the story but on the climax I felt the character's emotions. 

It was also easy to relate with the main character being insecure and all in her relationship with the teacher since she is younger. Apart from mild jealousy in the manga and kiss of course, the romantic scenes are not that many but I love the latter chapters especially after the problem and all, I think it was the most romantic moment in that manga. It was also good to see the character's growth in the series. 

The art on the other hand has the old style effect like the other works of the artist. The only disappointing thing in the series is the ending. It was a happy ending but it felt like it was rushed. I wish I could see more than that but I could always imagine another ending or continuing the ending myself. Nevertheless, it was a good read and its nice to see a male piano teacher falling in love with a student especially if you have a thing for a student-teacher relationship.

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