Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beautiful Fascination is Better than Love Review

Beautiful Fascination/ Seduction is Better Than Love is 
a manwha under the genre of Josei and not shoujo. The series is also illustrated by Lee Hyeon-Sook with five volumes and 15 chapters. 

It is about a new teacher who caught the interest of the most good looking student in class. He also shocks the teacher by saying what would it feel like to kiss the teacher. Well, the plot is mostly about the teacher falling in love with the student but on the latter part of the story, the twist will shock the readers. I didn't saw it coming but surely the twist is somehow predictable especially if you pay more attention to the story. 

The art is good but the art in Savage Garden and Flowers of Evil is better. Like the other works of the artist, the plot goes deeper than what you expected in a normal manhwa. The main character has also a strong personality and the only typical/common in the story is that the main guy is somewhat a playboy. 

It was a short series so you will be able to finish it in one reading. Apart from that, the series has a mystery that will leave the readers curious. Though the ending, my first reaction was 'What the hell was that?' but then after letting sink in for a while, it was a good ending, not your typical ending. It may not be a happy ending but it will make you think and wonder why. I did come up with my own ending after reading that and I guess its best to really end it that way. 

Overall, it was a good read and like any other works of the artist, its not the typical one. 

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