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Ouran High School Host Club Review

Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran and the pictures posted below. 

to watch or to read?

If you have time and you want to laugh, watch this and even better read this series. 
It's not a series that totally focuses on love.

Ouran High School Host Club is written/illustrated by Hatori Bisco. It has 83 chapters with special extras and the anime has 26 episodes. It's gender bender manga which means a character pretended to be an opposite sex. Its a story about a girl who entered into a school for rich kids and when she entered in a music room dressed like a boy which turns out to be a room for a host club and managed to break a vase worth a million yen, she became an instant pet for the host club. But the main characters figured it out along the way and made her an official host. Even though the story is a bit unrealistic, it is funny and very heartwarming. 

The anime is good. I watched it like four times and I still have a hangover of  Kiss, Kiss Fall in Love.  Nevertheless, I'd always pick manga because the story is complete and even though you will see the improvements and differences in the drawing, it is still good especially the latter chapters. The story started light and only show minimal heavy problems but eventually when the plot progressed and even though the story is a bit slow especially the romance part, the conflicts are really worth looking forward to. It is a reverse harem so there's a lot of bishies and even the main character looks handsome. My very first impression to this series is cute. This is also one of the manga that made me roll while laughing. Also, the characters growth can be seen as the story progresses. 

Warning: Too much spoiler at this point.

The main characters:

Suou Tamaki a.k.a Tono or Milord
 Tamaki-senpai as I'm used to call him but I also like calling him Tono as the twins call him. Even though he is not my favorite character in this series, he's very funny and never fails to amazes me. I so laughed out loud with rolling on my bed when he came in the date with Haruhi dressed in Japanese Traditional Wedding Outfit. Though the conflict between his family is somewhat exaggerated and overly cliched (some parts), his growth and maturity on that situation is very admirable. He's childish as always but kind, sweet and stupid somehow. I'm glad he's the president of the host club. 

Fujioka Haruhi

I forgot to include a picture of Haruhi with long hair but still, I love the look on Haruhi's face when she's thinking about how stupid rich kids are sometimes. It's priceless. Both them, Haruhi and Tamaki are both slow in realizing about how they felt for each other. They were both oblivious. Still, I liked that there were no love triangles even though its fun to see Tamaki jealous and all. I also liked how Haruhi was okay to be mistaken as a boy and she did not deliberately hide her gender unlike any other series. It's not also her that wants to hide her gender but the members of the host club.

Hitachiin Kaoru and Hikaru

Is it obvious that they are my favorite characters in the series? Between the twins, I personally like Hikaru. I like them because of their personality. They are like cats, mischievous and how they don't like others to enter their world. There is really a progress in the story for the twins. They managed to open up to others and to be recognized by changing their hair color. Even if they liked Haruhi both and the two of them confessed and they were turned down, I like how their relationship still remained and the bonds got stronger. They are the classmates of Haruhi and both of them looked equally handsome.

Haninozuka Mitsukuni a.k.a. Honey-senpai

 It feels kinda strange when Hani-senpai is not around Usa-chan (his bunny) and Mori-senpai. He's the cutest among the Hosts since he's small and he even do martial arts. He eats a lot of cakes and that's some of exaggerated moments in the series but sometimes its the funny part in the series. Even though he's cute, Hani-senpai is one of the sharpest when it comes to feelings. I was so sad when both of them graduated from high school. 

Morinozuka Takashi a.k.a Mori-senpai
 Mori-senpai appearances in the series even though he was always there is very minimal. He's a man of few words. I cannot imagine him without Hani but after I got to read the ending, I was satisfied even if Hani-senpai is married to Reiko-chan. He's a serious and kind character. He's protective and he's really good to Haruhi.

Ootori Kyouya
 Kyoya-senpai is the man behind the sin. The man who turns to a devil when you woke him up. He's a man who cared about profits. I liked how he strives to pleases his father even though he knew that he's not the one to succeed the family business. Despite his serious character, he still truly cares for his friends and even if I didn't like that he didn't confess to Haruhi because he was worried that Tama-chan will be bothered by it.

The Ending

I was so sad when I read the ending and happy at the same time. Sad because another good series came to an end and happy because it is a happy ending. Even though the pictures posted above are from the special chapters and the real series ended with all of them moving into the same building and school, it was a good one. All of them are all together. It was a real good surprise. Together til the end. Though in the last part that the fan girls just noticed that Haruhi is a real girl,  it was funny and a bit stupid. Nevertheless the series' ending is really good. Especially the special chapters were it showed the university version of them and how will they end up and it's all up to the reader's imagination. I liked that about it. I liked how the twins turned out and Hani-senpai got married first. Even though Kyoya-senpai and Mori-senpai's ending is a bit vague, still, a good one. Other characters have their own happy endings too but I focused on the main characters. But Haruhi and Tamaki getting married is my favorite.

for me, it is a must watch/read series.


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