Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Handsome Anime

Since I'm too lazy to continue my other reviews, I've decided to put my list here. Actually, I wrote a two list which ended up slightly different from each other. We all have different taste when it comes to the most handsome, adorable, hot, cool, sexy, dazzling and heart-squeezing-slash-flattering anime character. Weird taste or not, here's my top ten most handsome anime character. Tada! 

1. Lelouch Lamperouge
from Code Geass
2. Hibari Kyoya 
from Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!
3. Kuran Kaname
from Vampire Knight
3. Kiryuu Zero
from  Vampire Knight
4. Okita Souji
from Hakuouki
5. Mashima Taichi
from Chihayafuru
6. Sudo Akito
from Chihayafuru
7. Hyuuga Natsume
from Gakuen Alice
8. Hitachiin Hikaru
from Ouran High School Host Club
9. Aidou Hanabusa
from Vampire Knight
10. Shibuya Kazuya "Naru"
from Ghost Hunt

This on the other hand is the compilation of other anime character that simply caught my attention and love. I don't know how to rank them so they are not arranged. Aren't they the cutest? 

Allen Walker
from D. Gray Man
Eiji Kikumari
from Prince of Tennis
Hihara Kazuki
from  La Corda d'oro
Saito Hajime
from Hakuouki
from Naruto
Sawada Shin
from Gokusen
Bunta Marui 
from Prince of Tennis
Andou Tsubasa
from Gakuen Alice
from Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!
Yamaguchi Kenji
from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
But these guys from Gintama has a special place in my heart.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vampire Knight Ending

Basically, I wrote this post because of the stupid and infuriating comments about the Vampire Knight's ending. I only finished it today and when I looked around at Mangahere's for other's opinion. It was like OMFG. Criticism in another whole level. People who didn't even understand the ending. Well, I'm not a professional critic and I maybe a bias too but seriously bashing a perfect ending. They said it was kinda rushed but for me the rushed part in the manga was the fight between Sara and whole other fights. I kind of understand that we all have our own opinion and biases and freedom too, to write whatever we want. So here I am to retaliate. It will be too long to be posted in there and I admit, I don't want people acting like they are better than me because I'm also not that better than them but at least I respected them. I just put it in my blog. If I hadn't read the comments, I would not be feeling this. I wished I didn't look for other opinions. Seriously, I should stop hating.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seiyuu Ka-! Review

You must know Special A, right? Seiyuu Ka-! is a manga from the same artist of Special A, Minami Maki. Though I never got to finish Special A, I have read the other works of the artist. I dropped Special A when I saw the anime and never got to read it again. Anyway, Seiyuu Ka! is a manga about a girl named Hime of dreaming to become a seiyuu (voice actors). She is studying in a specialized school for seiyuus and there she met popular seiyuus among the students. 

Well, for starters, the main character is somewhat cliche but nevertheless has a strong character, a girl who never back down. Hime is not really a good seiyuu but she was discovered during an incident in school where she performed as a guy. Then that's where the real story begins. She had to pretend as a guy and even dressed like one. The series has a slow romance development and there's a bit element of BL but not really BL since Hime is really a girl. 

Kiss Review

Kiss is a manga illustrated by Matsumoto Tomo. Actually, it was my first time reading a work of the artist though I think I might have read the 23:00. 

I only read it because it was a student-teacher relationship. Anyway, the plot of the manga is simple and straight forward. Another plus for the manga is it involves music which is piano. It was quite long with 44 chapters (8 volumes). 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beautiful Fascination is Better than Love Review

Beautiful Fascination/ Seduction is Better Than Love is 
a manwha under the genre of Josei and not shoujo. The series is also illustrated by Lee Hyeon-Sook with five volumes and 15 chapters. 

It is about a new teacher who caught the interest of the most good looking student in class. He also shocks the teacher by saying what would it feel like to kiss the teacher. Well, the plot is mostly about the teacher falling in love with the student but on the latter part of the story, the twist will shock the readers. I didn't saw it coming but surely the twist is somehow predictable especially if you pay more attention to the story. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Utopia of Homosexuality Review

Utopia of Homosexuality is not really about boy's/girl's love. Its a normal romance between two people who thought that their identity is different from what they were born with. Though there were scenes wherein both characters have love interests in the same gender. The manwha is illustrated by Lee Sang-Eun. The plot is simple and not really a cliche type. The art is good but not that refined. The characters started as a friend but eventually realized that they love each other. 

There are no heavy conflicts in the story and the story itself is light and enjoyable. The hint of comedy and their denseness of how they truly feel is a good of the series. Though the ending is quite predictable and all, it is nice to see how the story ends and how they discovered what each other truly meant to them. Well, I was kinda expecting a really love triangle but it just passed by. Nevertheless, the jealous face is still one of the most romantic factor in the series.

Its short with only 3 volumes and a good read.

Legend of Nereid Review

Legend of Nereid is a manhwa illustrated by Hwang Mi Ri with 15 volumes. It is a shoujo manhwa with mix of Greek mythology. A prophet somewhat lied to the queen about the source of the destruction of Attica with the current King, thereby creating a tragic destiny to the main character, a fifteen year old girl named Matia.  

I have read plenty of Hwang Mi Ri's manhwa and I must say, this is quite different from the others but slightly the same too. The art is good and the characters are bishounen. The plot at first has really a Greek sense kind of thing but later on the story it was not really portrayed. I was kind of expecting more Greek mythology since I'm a sucker for that kind of plot. The romance in this manhwa is very different from what I normally read, its deep, especially in the latter part. The manhwa portrayed a genre of Boy's Love (BL) but not much of it to be really a main concern. Of course, there's also the never ending love triangle but  really, I wished there were more in this series. There are some scenes which are brutal but not that you will fill disgusted or anything.

The only thing is that I felt the ending was a bit rushed. It felt like, "What? That's it?" Like any other story, there is the years after and gender bender but only in a few chapters. The characters are likable but there were times I had a hard time relating to them. The main character is strong willed and not weepy or whiny. What's more interesting is she knows how to handle a sword. I must say that the author really did a good job in portraying a different kind of love and the sacrifices you have to do in order to keep that love. The series is filled with unrequited love but nevertheless, it was a happy ending sort of. 

But I was kinda rooting for the other guy, the one in the picture.

Anyway, the series is a good read when you have nothing to do and looking for something different than the usual teen age love. I enjoyed reading it. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Savage Garden Review

Savage Garden is a manhwa written/illustrated by Lee Hyeon Sook who also wrote one of my all time favorite manhwa, Flower of Evil. It is a story about a girl named Gabriel who needed to enter and disguise herself as a guy in an all boys school and even stay in the dormitories as Jeremy who was her childhood friend in the orphanage. The summary may seem a bit cliche since most of the manhwas have that kind of plot but this manhwa is different. The story run in the 18th century in England and the school is a private school for nobles. There she met two men who were brothers.

Well, Gabriel is a pretty looking lady. Her hair is blonde and curly but when she disguised herself as Jeremy, she colored her hair black and cut it. The art was amazing as usual. The plot is quite different from Flowers of Evil but nevertheless, good. It was a short manhwa with only 7 volumes containing 29 chapters. I read it within a day. At first, I was just going to read two volumes since but then after reading two volumes, I was hooked and decided to finish the whole series.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ouran High School Host Club Review

Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran and the pictures posted below. 

to watch or to read?